Stupidity and douchebag


I'm really sorry for being MIA for a while..
I had been in 2 accidents in a row.. 

First accident on December (23 December i guess? 2-3 days before christmass)
I fell from my scooter.. For no reason.. Yeah Stupid, i know.. 

I got bruise on my waist and thigh.. been worrying about my kidney and stuff.. Turn out to be, i am fine! i just  have to rest for a while.. 

Then when i just got better, last night i got myself another accident.. 

1. I'm on my way home (red dot), and realized a car (that black rectangle.. lame i know) drive too close to my scooter.
2. I light my turn signal, and turn my scooter on the other side.
3. This hot-headed (basicly that's a very polite term to STUP*D DOUCHEBAG!) scooter driver (the green one) don't want me to cut his way! He speeding up so suddenly!!
4. He crash my front wheel.. I just like "okay.. i'm f*cked.." pardon my word.. ladies
5. I flew and hit the road.. And "merosot".. What "merosot" in english? Seriously i try to find it on dictionary.. Anyway, yeah.. i'm not doodling a hangman.. I really look like that.. Stretching my arm and leg.. Trying to hug the road (literally)
6. In the panic, another scooter (blue) almost crash on my body!

YEAHHH! Hardcore!! Sounds like from "Die hard" movie.. right?

The douchebag just flew from the scene.. Let me bleeding on the road..  I can't walk, i can't even get up.. some people help me *kisses for them* 

No serious injure.. I only scrapped my knee cap and both of my hands.. Nothing happen to my internal organ.. 

Ooohhh! I'm really thankfull to those whoever invent helmet, jeans, synthetic skin biker jacket and random people who help me on the road! I have no serious injure because of them!

Haha.. SCOOTER N00b!
No really.. It's not a joke.. Well.. I can only laugh because nothing serious happen to me..

Ohhh! The best thing about these accidents? My nail still intact!
But, It's going to be a challenge to make nail swatch post i guess.. i scrapped my palm too.. Oh well..


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  1. Oh noo :( Get well soon ya luka2nya >.<

  1. Fely Funakoshi said...:

    Waks!!!! get well soon Sarah!!!!

  1. glory chen said...:

    lets join my 1st giveaway and win the prizes from etude house! :)

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