FOTD: Halloween (Chesire Cat)

Hi Guys!
I'm going to vacation on saturday and sunday! So here it is! Early sunday post!
I make FOTD for halloween!
Actually that's my friend idea.. I just want to swatch a cute nail polish, then she came out, and say "Halloween! Make Chesire Cat FOTD!!!"

Tim Burton's Chesire Cat. Not the best, but still the cutest

Lioele - Vita shake Pack (Cranberry)

Gosh! i miss blogging so much! I've been so busy this week, life give me lemon, and i got to squish it hard to make a nice lemonade. i'm happy it was only lemon, not watermelon, i don't know how to squish watermelon..

Talking about fruits! I got some fruit related mask to review! Another bare face time! Mask Review! 

TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT02 (Earth) Swatch and review

Before you accuse me being lazy, I AM NOT LAZY!

The truth is my camera broken follow by my computer keyboard (somebody spill like crazy amount of water to my computer keyboard! seriously.. I tilt my keyboard right and left, i can hear water running around INSIDE my keyboard), then my mouse refuse to right click, then i went crazy. !@#$%^&*&^%$#@#$

Luckyly, Indonesia got the most scorching sun in the Earth (i presume).  I dried my mouse and keyboard, they got some nice tan, and i brought my camera to service center.Voila! They back on track! 

Enough of me rambling!

Ladies and gentlement.. I present you glitter madness

What caught my eyes:

TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT02 (Earth)
My third galaxy series from Tony Moly, i've review Jupiter here and Neptune here Ohhh.. I love this series!

China Glaze - Desert sun Swatch and review

Back to nail polish swatch!!

What caught my eyes:

China Glaze - Desert Sun

TAG GAME: This or That?

Play tag! Play tag! Play tag!

Time surely flies.. I used to be a girl with braids, running around, play tag with my friends, "Accidentally" push them
"Accidentally" mind you.. 
"No, ma'am i believe your child fall on her/his own" *run* 
Now i play tag on my blog! I've been tagged by Rosdiana *kisses*
You know.. The good thing is I can't "accidentally" push anybody online.. Haha! Okay, it's time to answer tag questions!

L'oreal Nail polish - 305 (Dating Coral) and 611 (Sky Fits Heaven)

2 Post in a row? I'M ON FIRE!

What caught my eyes:

L'oreal - Miss candy nail 305 (Dating Coral) & L'or Electric 611 (Sky fits Heaven)

Haul: September 2012

I really want to do haul post since a loooooong time ago.. But i'm a very random, impatient not forget to mention unorganized person, so i never be able to do it. So this is my first haul post!

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