Tonymoly - Intensive firming care C-zone patch

I bet you surprise by now, huh?
UPDATE completed with bare face attack! So that's mean another mask review.

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Tonymoly - Intensive firming care C-zone patch. 

Nail Art: Foil dot

It's been a while since my last nail art tutorial, like what? two months?

So lately i'm taking care of my nephews (read: play with them all day, and leave all the gruesome and smelly details to my mom and maid)

Pillow fight..
Kamen rider Fight..
and of course paper craft..

Rest In Pieces, papers.

TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series - GT03 (Mars)

I miss blogging so much!

As you can see i've been M.I.A. Sorry for that, it seems like my post depleted each month. And maybe someday it will be zero post per month.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *knocking down a table*
It's just, I don't have much product to review, since it's all PO this time. 

Anyway i got this nail polish, that i forgot to review, i feel like so stupid, i should have review this nail polish for halloween or fall, since it's a perfect shade for fall! Why? Oh why? i forgot to swatch you dear? i'm just too fond with earth and cat's bum!

ARRRRRR! Sara, maybe you should reconsider to be more organized next post *note to myself*

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Peripera Perfume nail polish PO41 Swatch and review

Hello November!
Hello People! How's your weekend?
Mine was GREAT!! Last weekend i went to Sawarna and last saturday i went rafting on Citatih River.  Now.. My skin getting darker (tan? dark?) and my bone crackling everytime i walk. Geez! i'm getting older.
Anyway! If you read my last post, you know i want to swatch this nail polish since last 2 weeks!

What caught my eyes:

Peripera - perfume nail polish PO41

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