Weekend Post - Zenbu (House of Mozaru)

Another weekend post!
This weekend post will be.. Zenbu - House of Mozaru

What caught my eye:

Versatile Blog Award

My first blogger award *sob*..
My first blogger award *sob*..
My first *slap myself!*

Okay.. I just got my first blogger award, Versatile Blogger.

I got it from lalaluna, Thanks sweetheart *kisses*.

The rules:
 1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging
 2. Let the nominated know what they have been nominated for this award
 3. Shared 7 random fact about yourself
 4. Thank the blogger who has nominated you
 5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your post

Tony Moly - TR05 (Sad Green) swatch and review

I've promise you guys, to review creme nail polish..
Since i don't want to be labelled as glitter-maniac or something like that.. Here i am..

What Caught my eyes:

Nail art: Wiggle eyes

Long holiday.. Got nothing to do, and nothing to plan..
Okay.. this is what happen when i got to much time on my hand.

I doodle, a random one.

Pretty cute i guess, i call him; Mr. wiggle. Is he A monster? A toe? something?

Mr. Wiggle is not related to any LMFAO song

I keep thinking about random things..
And then i realize, hey it's been a long time since i post nail art tutorial. So i make this nail art tutorial, i call it; Wiggle eyes.

Giveaway: Xiao Vee

For Indonesian Residence only..

Wish me good luck! *crossed finger*

Wardah Indonesia - Long lasting Lipstick tutorial

Girls! and guys! This will be my first local brand related blog post. This is somewhat review and tutorial. Nevertheless.. i'm still going to write this in bilingual, so my international reader will aware about Indonesia local brand.
Girls! and guys! Ini adalah blog post pertamaku yang berhubungan dengan brand lokal.. Meski begitu aku tetap akan menulisnya dwibahasa, jadi pembaca internasional tetap tahu mengenai brand lokal Indonesia.

I'm so happy! Ramadhan is coming to town. At time like this, my friendly neighboors will share their opor ayam, nastar, ketupat, purti salju, okayyy.. i promise this is not food review post!

Seneeeeeeng! Dikit lagi ramadhan. Saat-saat kayak gini ya, tetangga-tetanggaku yang tercinta nan baik hati bakalan bawain opor ayam, nastar, ketupat, putri salju, okeeehhhh.. Aku janji! Ini bukan post tentang makanan!

There is only one problem for me.. My lipstick.. they are gone after snack, how they going to stand opor ayam then???

Cuma satu masalah buatku.. Lipstick-ku makk!!! Kalau abis makan cemilan aja ilang, gimana coba bisa nahan ntar pas makan opor ayam??

And that's why i make this tutorial using these products.. 

Dan karena itulah aku membuat tutorial memakai produk-produk ini..
above (left ro right)
wardah lipgloss - lips moisturizer, wardah luminous creamy foundation - 04 natural,
wardah matte  lipstick - 13,  wardah wondershine - 02
below (left to right):
Blotting paper, tissue, lip brush, toothbrush

Weekend Post - Rumah Kayu

Weekend post!
Weekend post contain my weekend activities (except taking photos for this blog of course!) Generally.. it will be food, food, food, Spa, food, reflexiology, doodle.. more food.. Lot of foods.. I'm a big girl.. i love to eat *BIG GRIN*
(And maybe a lil' bit of FOTD)

Anyway.. this is my first weekend post! 

What caught my eyes:

Maybe i should change my sub-heading.. What caught my tounge? LOL

ZA nail polish - VI 64 swatch and review

Swatch and review time!
This time, another ZA nail polish

I told you to bear it with me.. I still got another 2 babies from ZA to swatch and review,  Don't you worry, This one is magical!

What caught my eyes

Liole - 3D Lifting Mask

Bare face!!

I think you guys pretty aware of it by now..
everytime i post my bare face, it will be another mask review (and not just a plain narcism! LOL!) 

This time; Liole - 3D Lifting mask!

i'm sorry

Dear girls and guys,

I'm so sorry about my lack of post this week.
I had this little incident involving my eyes, anyway this is not a beauty-related post, but if you are a contact lens user like i do, you might want to know about this.

Giveaway: Pasionstarbutterfly

Wake up in the morning join a giveaway.. 

Join this giveaway until this morning.. <3 <3

TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series - GT04 (Neptune) Swatch and review

I assume you guys already quite familiar about TONYMOLY,
This nail polish is actually part of my haul when i bought their sheet mask, which i already review.. 

As i promise you girls and guys..

TONYMOLY nail polish swatch!! YAY!!
I've been drolling since i saw TONYMOLY galaxy series swatch on the internet..
Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Earth, Mercury..hhhh~

I already got Neptune, soon i will buy Mars and Jupiter!!
Sadly i can't find Mercury and Earth.. 
Where the heck is my earth?? I live on earth! TONYMOLY Indonesia i want my earth!! ~!@#$%^&*()_*@~!#^*(
Sorry.. been lost in my thought again..

What caught my eyes

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