Peripera perfume nail polish PO29 (luxury red) review and swatch

Hello my dearest!!!

(Not so) Hello December!  Yeah.. It's the middle of the month.. 

Oooo, dear.. I love this month! I can sing jingle bells all day without hearing any complain such "Saraaaa, it's only february" or "Saraa, can't you sing anything else except jingle bells? please!!! sing Indonesia rayaaaa, it will be better" I can't helped it! In my head jingle bells jingle all the years.

Love.. Love.. LOVE THIS MONTH!

What caught my eyes:

Peripera - perfume nail polish PO29 (luxury red)

Oh yeahh, this is what i got from my PO from dreamie chuppa 
Remember the legendary bum from my last peripera review? After that post, i'm somekind obsess with this nail polish.

I really, really REALLY LOVE the packaging, but not the color itself. But seriously, i'm buying a nail polish, not flower vase. If it's only for the look, i search a vase or any kind of decoration, not a nail polish. Well, after made that swatch, i feel obligate to find the color that i might be love! 

Brush compparison:
OPI-Suzi skis in the pyreness - Peripera perfume nail polish PO29 (luxury red)

Big brush, i learn to love this, one swipe to go all the way!

Peripera perfume nail polish PO29 (luxury red) - indoor (Soft flash)

Peripera perfume nail polish PO29 (luxury red) - outdoor (Sunlight)

Peripera perfumed nail pollish PO29 or Luxury red is a beautiful red nail polish with gorgeous shimmers!  The shimmers make depth to this nail polish, Luxury red indeed! Very flattering to my skin tone.. One thing for sure: this nail polish is perfect for chrismas! I jump around my room when i swatch this "WOHOOOO! MY CHRISMAS NAILLLL!!!" My inner child only react to nail polish. 

It's not intentionally, i only bought this because PO19 (Prism Navy) was out of stock. After that, i was a bit unsure what to purchase, i pick this only because, well i love red, in fact red is my favourite color. But i always reluctant to use red nail, maybe it's psychology thingy, my mom love red nail, so i feel somewhat old, if i wear red nail (sorry mom..)

But yeah, i don't mind this nail polish at all, the name really explain everything, "luxury red".

My mom, and me for once make peace about red nail and wear this color together for chrismas. 

Formula wise, it opaque in 1 coat, but i use it for 2 coats, out of my habbit. I like the texture, this nail polish dry so fast and smooth, but kind a lost it shine when dry, use top coat! Done!

Oh! And once it dry, it smells like sweet cherry candy, the perfume only last for 1,5 days after i wear top coat on it.

What you might want to know:
  • Peripera perfume nail polish PO29 (luxury red)
  • Rp 90.000,- (PO from dreamie chuppa)
  • Made in Korea

Product: 8.5/10
Good formula, good color selection, what not to love?
Packaging: 9.5/10
Cat. Cute. Done
Value for money: 8/10
Good formula, good packaging, It's pricey for korean product, This is the most expensive korean nail polish i ever purchase. Personally, I don't mind paying this for Rp 90.000,-
Total: 8.66

Repurchase? Hohoho, i already bought three colors of this!

buy, buy and buy, at the end of the day, i don't know how to swatch all this nail polish

And i will review it next time!


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  1. Xiao Vee said...:

    pricey ya harganya >.<

  1. Sara said...:

    @Xiao Vee: worth it kok.. Ntar ku swatch warna yang plg kusuka ;)

  1. Stephanie Lie said...:

    Peripera nail polishnya mahal juga ya >< tp bagus warnanya :D lucu lagi ada wanginyaa hahah.

    i'm following you, mind to follow me back? :)
    Thank you ♥

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