Nail Art inspired by Olympic 2012 opening - Industrial Revolution

Did anyone watch opening ceremony - London 2012 olympic games last night?
I didn't.. it was live on air.. 2 A.M in the morning on my local TV..
so no, thanks..  i didn't watch it..

BUT.. this morning, i watched their sequence on youtube..
i love their "englishman history" concept.. maybe not everyone will get their english humour.. but i really enjoy it!
i love industrial revolution sequence the most!! 
It really.. really caught my eyes!

WOAH! Adrenalin rushhhhh!!
i end up with this nail art! Based on this!

when i saw this.. i just "BOOM! WHOAAA.. MUST MAKE NAIL ART..  Must use GLITTER!!!!"

ZA nail polish - 219 swatch and review

Another ZA nail polish to swatch! 
I guess this month post will be full of ZA and TONYMOLY.. since i've just bought a lot stuff from them.. If you read my last post, you know that i've been in love with ZA for quite some time..

They have this cheap, cute little nail polish.. i still got another 3 bottles to swatch.. bear it with me.. you won't lose anything..

What caught my eyes
Here is another one i got from them:

TONYMOLY - Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask - Collagen

I greet you with my bare face... quite a sight, isn't it? of course i have a reason for it (no.. it's not just a plain narcism.. perhaps. haha!)

Haha... today i'm going to review TONYMOLY  Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask - Collagen.

ZA nail polish-GY11 Swatch and review


Remember what i promise you?

About nail polish that i wore in my last post...

I tell you what.. I'm more likely a nail polish enthusiast than make up junkie...
Or maybe nail polish junkie..

Rambling and FOTD(?)

well..technically this is my 2nd post.. but yeah.. anywayyyy..
I was planning to go to "Doraemon Holiday Fun"-Sumarecon Mall Serpong last saturday...

Let's get it started!

MY OWN BLOG! yeah!
okay.. so this blog will contain my nail polish, a lil bit of makeup.. skin care.. travel, food, and maybe my random doodle! hahaha..
Yayyy! Let's get started!
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