Peripera Rose nail - GR308 swatch and review

Only 8 posts so far? 
I'm being lazy this month.. 
Making excuse and all.
Anyway! I have this very awesome nail polish!!

What caught my eyes:

Peripera nail polishes! 
I'm only going to swatch the green one! Peripera Rose nail - GR308

Giveaway: Romacchiato

Say what?
I have to stop making giveaway post? but.. but.. but.. THIS ONE IS AWESOME!
Why? Roma and Macchi is so cute, i enjoy their versatille blog award post a lot.. as well as the other post.. cute photoshop! And eyemask.. Don't forget the eyemask.. they giving away 3 eyemasks!

Check on their blog..
And ahh~ before i forget.. This giveaway is for indonesian residence only.. 


Giveaway: Diary of a product junkie

Diary of product junkie, one of Indonesian Beauty Blogger is holding a giveaway for her 2nd blogvessary!!


TONYMOLY-Masquerade eye mask


COMBO BAREFACE ATTACK! (i hope it's not too traumatizing)
Anyway.. Since i got a pretty big tired puffy eye and i'm pretty sure you guys tired of me complain about it in every single mask review. I finally bought eye masks! No just one! but two! And i'm going to review both of them! It's gonna be a loooooong post!


This post will contain rant, rambling, and rant only.
Okay.. i'm not trying to spread negative energy to you guys and girls.
but, I AM SAD!

TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT05 (Jupiter) Swatch and review

Hello everybody!

Sorry for being MIA for couple days.. well, i'm going to explain it


A bad one, i can't speak nor concentrate for days! Yup! That sums up everything. I get better nowadays, so i can make post like normal! YAYYYY!!

Move on to the review.

What caught my eyes:

Barielle - Buddha-ful Swatch & Review

Hachooo! *sniff* 
Sorry for my lack of post girls and guys..
I've been sick for a couple days.. i prefer sleep than stay online..

I've promised you guys, to swatch non Japan and Korean nail polish.

I rarely update my stash by now, but here it is..

What caught my eyes:

Barielle Buddha-ful

Lioele - Essential Red Ginseng Mask

Hello September! My first post on September!

Another mask review! 

This time: Liole - Essential Red Ginseng mask!
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