Peripera Perfume nail polish PO41 Swatch and review

Hello November!
Hello People! How's your weekend?
Mine was GREAT!! Last weekend i went to Sawarna and last saturday i went rafting on Citatih River.  Now.. My skin getting darker (tan? dark?) and my bone crackling everytime i walk. Geez! i'm getting older.
Anyway! If you read my last post, you know i want to swatch this nail polish since last 2 weeks!

What caught my eyes:

Peripera - perfume nail polish PO41

Do you guys remember my last peripera nail polish swatch?
The packaging! Gosh! It just so damn cute! So this one! It really my guilty pleasure! Cat shape cap! Cat shape cap! Cat shape cap! !#$%^&*(())*&^$#@!!!!!

If you read my blog for a while, you know, i'm a proud cat lady! So when i see this nail polish right before my face, I WENT TO SUPER CAT LADY MODE!

And.. Well.. I have to admit, when i bought this, i didn't know it was scented nail polish, it was a really impulse purchase, a really impulse purchase with a very absurd reason *cough!* i tell you later.

Brush comparison:
Peripera - PO41 and OPI - Suzi skis in the pyreness 

Big brush! Peripera got a thing with big brush.. I see.. Eventhough the cap is so cute, it's kind a awkward using it.

Peripera - PO41 - Indoor (soft flash)

Peripera - PO41 over black - Indoor (soft flash)

Peripera - PO41 over black - Outdoor (sunlight)

It is a clear base nail polish with a lot of glitter! big hex turqouise glitter, medium hex turqouise glitter, and small rounded turquise glitter (again!). Turqouise, turqouise, and Turqouise! The color is.. errmmm.. "acceptable".. well it's BO.. *cough* RING *cough*! I have tons of it! I actually want to try duochrome nail polish from this line, but the seller didn't have one! but i'm aching because of the packaging.

It can't be opaque and kind a flat by itself, i try and i try to make it opaque, unless you are  fan of a very thick goey flat glittering nail polish, let's just apply it over another nail polish, deal?

As for the scent, it is a very sweet scent. Ehem.. Well, i'm not good in Nose departement, i can't tell what kind of scent it is. Let's just say it remind me of a girl, she is sitting down on a cafe, wearing peach dress with a bit ruffle and sipping english breakfast. In other words! it smells like a sweet humble girl. Get it? No? Allright *sob*

What you might want to know:

  • Peripera - Perfume nail polish PO41
  • Rp 99.000,- (bought it on a bazaar)
  • Made in Korea

Ehem, now.. move on to the real reason why i bought this nail polish. As you can see this nail polish is kind a pricey, Rp 99.000,- which is, i can say, not worth the color whatsoever.

I only bought this nail polish because of..

First i saw this, i just like "Oh.. okay, i've seen it before, i spot some good duochrome swatch online, i can buy it later" then i see the back. This nail polish cap is so detail, Peripera doesn't only craft the cat's head but also the cat's bum! Then i LOL hard! And somewhat handed the money to the seller. A very impulse purchase indeed.

Product              : 7.5/10
The color is boring but it look good over another nail polish.
Packaging           : 9.5/10
What? Don't call me pervy! it's so detail! The only downside is, this bottle is so tall and not storage friendly (that's why it's not 10/10)
Value for money  : 7/10
For this color? I guess not.

This is a very subjective! If you love the color, go ahead! As for me, it good for layering, but not WOW (still i bought this for it's packaging)

Repurhase? I'm going to buy another color from this line, the duochromes!


13 komentar:

  1. OMG CAT !
    MAUU ! BELI DIMANA ?! >.<

  1. Sara said...:

    @Gita: Lucu yaaaa... Waktu itu seketemunya di bazaar, di online perna liat si.. Arghhh.. napsu banget sama duochrome-nya!

  1. belliani bebe said...:

    Hwa, packingnya menggoda banget

  1. melissayurika said...:

    Yaampun packagingnya bagus bangeet, motif kucingnya uuuuh *ngiler*
    Aku baru prtama kali dger soal perfume nail polish, biasa kn nail polish baunya nyengat banget ya ><
    I'm your new follower btw ^^

  1. Fely Funakoshi said...:

    jadi salah satu alesan beli yaitu karena : okong kucing? >.<

  1. Sara said...:

    @Bebe: Banget! hahaha! ini purchase penuh dosa!

    @Melissa: Ada loh sebenernya dari Revlon.. Wanginya enak-enak, yang warna cherry wangi cherry :D

    @Fely: *ehem! bener fel.. sumpah, kalo ga ada itu okong.. ga bakal g beli.. :p

  1. Rosdiana said...:

    Hahaha rofl you are too damn funny!! You bought it because of a its butt!!! Oh Sara i was laughing so freaking hard, you had no idea. I love you girllllll. I have to admit, i love the packaging. I am not a cat person, but I will def buy this if I see it. The price is ridic though! But for the packaging I will def buy lol...not for the tush reason such as you haha ok yes u can kill me now or tell me to shut up. Love ya!!

  1. Monic said...:

    COOOOOLLLL nail polish!!!!!!
    Kok aku berasanya kayak desain ala timur tengah gitu yah? hihi #slapped!
    warna dan tutupnya mendukung gitu.

    salam kenal btw

  1. wei goddess said...:

    wow...packaging keren it..:)

  1. Sara said...:

    @Rosdiana: LOL!! It's so damn cute! i actually taken a back when i saw the price, but that butt melt my heart away.. Okayy... that's sound so wrong!

    @Monic: Lucu yaaa.. pas pertama kali lihat di ol shop, aku kepikiran mau beli terus loh..

    @Wei: purchase sungguh dosa, cuma karena packaging..

  1. LIA said...:

    aku menciii deh.. lucu pgn pegang bokong kucing >,<

  1. Stephanie said...:

    This is a really cute nail polish!
    Unik banget pula (:


  1. Sara said...:

    @stephanie: it is! lagi pesan warna-warna yang lain, tunggu swatch yang lain ya :D

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