Tonymoly - Intensive firming care C-zone patch

I bet you surprise by now, huh?
UPDATE completed with bare face attack! So that's mean another mask review.

What caught my eyes:

Tonymoly - Intensive firming care C-zone patch. 

BLERGH. Too long! Let's just call it C-zone patch

The claim
Specialized hydrogel-type eye patch that nourishes the skin around the eye area, providing flexibility and suppleness. Containing Vegetable extracts that effectively keeping skin supple. Collagen and Pomegranate extracts works to keep the flaccid C-zone refreshed and firm. 
I have nothing to say about this packaging, i can't read Korean. At least, they put how to pics on it.

Innitially, I want to try snail eye mask, but it was sold out, so i get this one instead. Plan A didn't works, let's buy plan B! hhh.. Girls and shopping

No,i'm not in a bad mood, that's my template face.

Ohhh.. The majestic 3/4 shot, you can see all the dimensions. To be more specific, my eyebag dimension. Gawd! Fine line, future "crow feet", dark circle, BIG.PUFFY.EYEBAG!

This is what the C-zone look like, after you tear the packaging.

I have a confesion, the first time i use it, i take whatever on top of it and put it straight to my eyebag. That pieces which is wet by c-zone essence, just can sit on my eyebag! After a minute full of rambling and constant nagging! i realize, "ay, there is somekind of jelly-ish thingy inside" then i realize, i just put a protective film on my eyebag. I pity my brain for having such an owner, like me. *sobbing*

Okay, so there is 3 plies inside the packaging, protective film (above), C-zone patch (middle), and somekind of thick paper (below). So now you've been informed, don't make a stupid mistake like i did.

For Tonymoly: you need to make english version packaging of it. End of disscusion!

Back to the C-zone patch! This patch is unscented, jellyish texture and refreshing feeling. Lady with long nail, be carefull, it's quite fragile and easily torn. 

I dunno, i feel somekind of itch (?) i repurchase and use this eyepatch about 3 times, and each time i'm using it, i feel itch on my eyebag. Not itch like "I HAVE TO SCRATH IT!!" but just slightly unpleasant. You get my point?

Maybe it will raise another question: Why am i repurchase it?

THIS! Will explain everything!

Can you see it? Can you? 

click to enlarge

You can see it right? I use it for about 20 minutes and

My eyebag noticeably thinner and moisturized! That's exactly why i repurchase this eyepatch!

Now i have this love and (not so) hate relationship with this eyepatch. What should i do? I really love the result, but that itchy feeling just turn me down. And i can't find out why, cause language barier, i can't find ingredients on the packaging!

Anybody got the same problem like me while using this eyepatch?

What you might want to know:

  • Tonymoly - Intensive firming care C-zone patch
  • Rp 39.000,- (Counter price)
  • 4 grams
  • Made in Korea
  • Available locally (Indonesia)

Okay, i have to admit, you can get the same de-puff effect just by using ice. I still prefer this mask though, i know it's a lot expensive than ice, but my eyes, just can't stand ice's coldness.

Product: 8,3/10
It's working!!
Packaging: 7,5/10
Effective, serve it purpose. Accept that instruction thing. I know this is Korean product, but, please, please make it in English.
Value for money: 7,5/10
As i said before, you can easly replace this eyepatch with an ice. However, This eyepatch good for lady who can't stand ice like me.
Total: 7,76

Another repurchase? I just don't know, eventhough i like the result, but i just don't like that itchy feeling. Well, i guess it's another eyemask adventure!

And let me sleep by now, so i can cure this big tennis eyebag syndrome. *kisses*


5 komentar:

  1. Hana said...:

    it seems to works very well on you :).. really depuff! Does it smells good?

    Visit my blog too ya if you have time

  1. Sara said...:

    @Hana: Depuff magic!! It doesn't smell anything, well.. i have flu for a long time, not sure i can sniff anymore XD
    Of course i will visit your blog, I'm one of your silent reader ;D

  1. Fely Funakoshi said...:

    mahal mak kalo 39 rebu sekali pake. T_T

  1. Jan Mitchelle said...:

    Ohh thanks for this informative review! :)

    Btw, I am having my first giveaway. :) I am hoping for your participation. ^_^
    God Bless and have a great day! :)

    Much Love!

  1. Sara said...:

    @fely: emang makkk.. mehii.. tapi apadaya, mataku tak kuat dengan es :'(

    @Jan: I'm glad you like it.. Of course, i will check it out ;D

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