Nail Art: Foil dot

It's been a while since my last nail art tutorial, like what? two months?

So lately i'm taking care of my nephews (read: play with them all day, and leave all the gruesome and smelly details to my mom and maid)

Pillow fight..
Kamen rider Fight..
and of course paper craft..

Rest In Pieces, papers.

I've been tempted to try foil nail art since ages! Since i'm a cheapskate, i don't want to buy new foil paper for experimental sake only. Oh boy, for the very first time in my live, i'm glad my nephew leave a lot of mess in my room. Let's see what we can do with shredded papers LOL! 

The Ingredients:

Left to right (above):
Tonymoly basecoat, Lucidarling beige brown, Skinfood BR616, VOV Brilliant top coat, nail glue, paper puncher

Left to right (below):
Foil paper, tweezer, scissor

Step by step:

  • Prepare your foil paper, any color you like! I'm using yellow, pink and red, punch it with your puncher. In my case, that shredded papers just too small, so i have to use tweezer to help me grab it.

  • Prep your nail, use basecoat. I'm using Tonymoly basecoat BC01

  • Use any color you want, i'm using Skinfood BR616, yummy looking deep brown! 

  • After your nail polish dry, using a tweezer, put 2 of foil paper dots you made before. At first i want to put the foil paper while my nail polish still wet. But it just wont work, because my foil paper kind a thick, it bend a lots and ruin my nail polish! So i'm using nail glue. I try thin paper foil before, i can't punch it with my paper puncher. MEH! Lame paper puncher. So bear in your mind, if you want to save your nail glue (or maybe if you don't have any nail glue), you need 2 things: almighty paper puncher and thin foil paper.

  • Using tweezer and help of nail glue, put another 3 foil paperdots.

  • Cut and shape your foil paper with scissors, and put some top coat. My first try using VOV brilliant top coat. Remember to use only small scissors like nail scissors, and be carefull not to cut your own nail.


Quite a mess.. 
My first try! I believe it will look beautiful in short and long nail! Since i've been trying to make nail art that looking good on booth lenght :D
Try! Try!


EDIT. i forgot to finish my line! LOL!!!

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  1. Rosdiana said...:

    That is quite creative!! I love how you use the leftover mess. Awesome awesome tutorial!

  1. Sara said...:

    @Rosdiana: Thank you Rosee, i'm glad you like it! Anw, After you commenting, i've just realize, that my post hasn't finish yet.. ARGHHH *punch my face*

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