ZA nail polish-GY11 Swatch and review


Remember what i promise you?

About nail polish that i wore in my last post...

I tell you what.. I'm more likely a nail polish enthusiast than make up junkie...
Or maybe nail polish junkie..

Nail polish lover?




Call whatever you want...
The color! The texture! I find them so fascinating!! ~!@#$%^&*()_)(*&!~@#$%^&*(

EHEM! Sorry for rambling.. Enough about me.. 

Do you know ZA?

ZA (pronounce zi-ei) is a low-end line from Shiseido, the brand is currently available in the Asian market (China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, recently they've been launch in Japanese)  and is aimed at women in their 20s.

They never appeal to me.. Until.. I spot it! It caught my eye! Tiny glass bottle! NAIL POLISH!! 
I Grabbed 2 bottles.. Bought them! Swatched it to my colleague nail the very next day(cause i wore OPI-here today aragon tommorow) And i end up.. With another 3 bottles.. haha!

Here is one of them:

ZA-GY 11 in sunlight
ZA-GY 11 indoor with flash
What you might want to know:

  • ZA-GY 11
  • 9ml
  • Rp 55.000,- (I got mine for Rp,-27.500,- Yay for discount!!)
  • Made in Japan asemble in Taiwan

ZA-GY 11 is a grey colour with pink shimmer, there is a hint of lilac (or maybe vice versa lilac with a hint of grey.. can't decide..) That pink shimmer is noticeable but not overwhelming! It make all the look just perfect! GLOWING!(I'm sucker to such shimmer)

This baby have a small brush (I compare it to OPI brush, i forgot to take the picture.. sorry.. Gonna make it up in the next post), Mine kind a watery, Opaque after 3 coats, Dry time kind a slow (But it didn't take forever), it dries smooth, kind a dull.. Add top coat! and VOILA!

I love this nail polish..
Fun color, the formula is not so bad.. 
i give this baby 7,8/10 (hey! it was Rp 27.500,- i'm not going to complain here)

What do you think? Do you like to try it?


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  1. Fely Funakoshi said...:

    hehooooo!!!!! Kuteksnya cakep nyaaaaaaak!!!!
    Tapi motoku kok malah nangkepnya itu kelir ungu sih bok? *kucek2 mata

  1. iyo fellll.. beli pas lagi sakaw kutek ni.. untung e bagus..
    kutekna abu-abu tapi ada hint lilac nya gt.. jadi g rada bingung si mau bilang dia abu apa ungu lilac gitu... g edit da keterangan di artikel na..

  1. miss rhea said...:

    you are so beautiful :)
    blogwalking here and found you nice blog, dear.
    lets follow each others! :D


  1. Thank you rhea..
    i've follow you... keep up your nice blog..^^

  1. Kukunya bagusssssyyy... *ngiri ><

  1. This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. Thx Mizhaa.. ga bisa kasi makeup ke muka masalahnya..
    pelampiasannya ke kuku.. LOL

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