TONYMOLY - Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask - Collagen

I greet you with my bare face... quite a sight, isn't it? of course i have a reason for it (no.. it's not just a plain narcism.. perhaps. haha!)

Haha... today i'm going to review TONYMOLY  Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask - Collagen.

The Brand
Let's talk about the brand first.. okay?

From their website:
TONYMOLY is a combination of english word.TONY which mean 'stylish' and a japanese word, MOLY which mean 'to box something'. The combination word TONYMOLY means 'a place to put a style and packaging'. We have used colors of black, white and gray as our main theme and chic font to attract our stylish costumers.Our modernized logo shows chic and urban style that TONYMOLY tries to achive.
In my opinion, they have succed to look chic and stylish!
The first time i get to know TONYMOLY is around 2011 (i guess) i bought their crack nail polish (it was pre order.. gonna review it someday).. it's not the best crack polish.. but it actually make me want to try their other product! 

When their first store open in Indonesia.. i snatch some of their product!

What caught my eyes
And here it is.. One of their product:

TONYMOLY  Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask - Collagen.
The claim: 
Used 100% natural pulp to make the sheet so that the sheet stays silky, irritation-free and it lasts long. Makes the moisture last long. Collagen: Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask made of 100% Pulp Fabric locks moisture on face and provides better absorption for skin for a longer period of time with its silky texture. Contains vegetative collagen which effectively helps to keep the skin firm and lively.
Eventhough the picture is clear enough.. i keep on thinking..If only they use english for the product description on the packaging.. 

Okay... Let's take a look of my bare face..

While clearly i'm not having any problem with acne (fyi. that red mark in my cheek is a mosquito bite), my skin seem so dull, dark spot in my fore head, visible pore on my cheek, laugh line and acne scar (in my nose bridge) and I can hear my eyebag scream "I WANT MY BEAUTY SLEEP!!!"

The reason why i choose this mask.. well.. because my laugh line.. i feel like i'm getting old and this mask contain collagen.. I need collagen to keep my skin firm, elastic and supple! 

Here is the mask
this one is dry already, so you have a clear image of this mask
This is what left on the packaging.. A lot of essence!
This is me.. try to look prety while using sheet mask..

The mask is full of liquid essence, it give a faint pleasant scent and give calming effect, BUT  the "lip hole" is to small for me (i don't blame this mask, i know i have this big wide lip) Nothing spectacular, it meet all of my expectation.

before and after comparison

In my after photo.. the essence is not fully absord yet.. so that's why my forehead shining like crazy.. 

as you can me.. my skin look fresh, and yes! it feel so fresh, visibly brighter, smaller pore (temporer effect) and supple.. a very little effect on my laugh line.. i still love this mask though!

What you might want to know:
  • TONYMOLY -  Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask - Collagen
  • Rp 19.000,- (counter price 10% discount for VIP member)
  • 21ml
  • Made in Korea
  • Available locally (Indonesia)
It's quite cheap for korean product, eventhough it give a very subtle effect on my laugh line.. but it give me brighter and supple face!
so.. I give this baby 7,8/10!
I think i'm going to buy another variant..

Sorry for my long post.. it just.. i have a lot to tell.. the brand, the product, and alot of photo to share! NARSISM!! haha!

So would you like to try it?


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