Nail Art inspired by Olympic 2012 opening - Industrial Revolution

Did anyone watch opening ceremony - London 2012 olympic games last night?
I didn't.. it was live on air.. 2 A.M in the morning on my local TV..
so no, thanks..  i didn't watch it..

BUT.. this morning, i watched their sequence on youtube..
i love their "englishman history" concept.. maybe not everyone will get their english humour.. but i really enjoy it!
i love industrial revolution sequence the most!! 
It really.. really caught my eyes!

WOAH! Adrenalin rushhhhh!!
i end up with this nail art! Based on this!

when i saw this.. i just "BOOM! WHOAAA.. MUST MAKE NAIL ART..  Must use GLITTER!!!!"

i know.. i promised TONYMOLY nail polish on my previous post.. 
But.. I really want to share this with you guys while i still got this "olympic spirit" errr.. something..  i will make it up next time! okay? OKAY!

It's quite basic actually.. i guess you guys can do it.. 

This is the final look:

It's gradient nail art! GLITTERY gradient nail art to be exact!

I use this on my nail art:
left to right:
Skinfood Nail Vita - base coat, Skinfood Nail Vita - BR601, Skinfood - Blusyatang nail, Etude - Lucidarling 03, Revlon - double twist

Step by step:
  • Always.. use base coat. Unless you want to have this lovely stain on your nail.. ALWAYS USE BASE COAT! This Skinfood base coat actually a pretty standard for base coat.. hmm.. okay.. actually.. i only bought this.. because it's so cheap.. Rp. 25.000,-  i guess.. i bought this on PO, so much cheaper than counter price..

  • Apply base color.. here i'm using Skinfood Nail Vita BR 601, 3 coats to reach full opacity.  Skinfood Nail Vita - BR 601 is a very lovely  bronze pack with gold shimmer! It almost foil (or is it?) I love Skinfood nail polish! Cheap , long lasting, fun color! anyway.. if you don't have Skinfood Nail Vita BR 601, you can change it to any bronze nail polish you got..

  • Apply second color. I'm using Skinfood - Blusyatang nail. Well hello..Skinfood.. Yes! i already told you right? I LOVE SKINFOOD NAIL POLISH! This baby is a milky white base with a lot of shimmer! If you want to use it alone, you can get away after 3-4 coats.. Since we want to make gradient.. only paint 50% of your nail (1 coat). 

  • Apply third color. Etude - Lucidarling 03. Etude - Lucidarling 03 is a clear base pack with silver hexagonal glitter and a silver shimmer.. a lot of them. I love the glitter goods, I don't really like this nail polish though, it dried out on the bottle and i have to use my seche restore on it. Only dab it with your brush on 25% of your nail (1 coat).
  • TOP COAT!! Revlon double twist! I always love 2in1 concept! This baby is a base and top coat in a bottle. It's only so-so, again.. i bought this, cause is so cheap.. GAWD.. i'm a cheapskate! Haha!

And i made this look! Camwhoring purpose only!
HAHA!! Fyi. i only use 2 tone eyeshadow (Coastal Scent 120 colours) n bronze lipstick ( Coastal Scent 66 lipcolour pallete), no foundation, no face powder, no concealer whatsoever.

Try it out!
it's easy and you don't need any special tools!


8 komentar:

  1. Shasha said...:

    nice tutorial :)
    you and your nail look pretty ^^ XD

  1. Thank you shasha.. Glad you like it..

  1. the color is soooo nicee
    the result looks like you use sponge applicator!
    have followed you back :) thanks

  1. Thank you jessie.. It's so easy.. give it a try.. ^^

  1. Fely Funakoshi said...:

    Uhuuuuy, cakep amaaaaat!!!! Logo olimpiade-nya cin. *dilempar clurit sama ownernya blog

    Btw, itu kudu kuku panjang ye bok. T_T Bikinin tutorial buat kuku yang seunyil2 kayak punya g dong nyaaaak. T_T

  1. Sara said...:

    *lempar kecupan*
    Sipppp!!! g cariin dulu modelnya fel.. ga rela ak potong kuku.. XD

  1. Lalaluna said...:

    pretty nails :)))

  1. Sara said...:

    Thank you lalaluna.. <3 <3

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