ZA nail polish - 219 swatch and review

Another ZA nail polish to swatch! 
I guess this month post will be full of ZA and TONYMOLY.. since i've just bought a lot stuff from them.. If you read my last post, you know that i've been in love with ZA for quite some time..

They have this cheap, cute little nail polish.. i still got another 3 bottles to swatch.. bear it with me.. you won't lose anything..

What caught my eyes
Here is another one i got from them:

ZA nail polish - 219 (Super Quick Dry)

The claim (packaging):
Super quick dry: Apply now and walk out the door. Apply at night and say good night. Vitamin E and Calcium for strong, healthy nails and toluene free 

YAY!!! another polish line from ZA! And it's toluene free! Yay for healthy nail!

tell you what.. I was super excited about this nail polish!
Little information about myself; I have this little habbit.. Sometimes i love to do my nail while i'm working.. It keep my mind focus! i don't even know why.. so i need my nail polish to dry as quickly as posible!

Lets take a look..
ZA - 219 indoor with soft flash
 can you see something wrong in this picture?
ZA - 219 outdoor
you can see it.. i bet you could!
Hint! take a good look at my index and middle finger


Here.. let me zoom it for you
They look so messed up!


ZA - 219 is a very beautiful color.. Nude beige with a lot of glitter goodies! It flatter my skintone.. i think ZA try to make it look like scatter holo, it may not succeded, BUT STILL! IT IS SO CAPTIVATING! I can't my eye of them..

EDIT. The brush (i've been forget to add the brush.. AGAIN! sorry..)

ZA - 219 brush and OPI - suzi skis in the pyreness
The brush.. almost as big as OPI.. it was quite dense.. It's a good brush, give a lot precision..

Then again.. The formula.. it fail me..
It certainly NOT a super quick dry nail polish! Take almost forever to dry out! And it was so hard to even out this baby.. maybe because it doesn't have any toluene in it formula (fyi. toluene is a solvent that makes the polish easy to apply)
I'm trying not to rant and nag..
But.. hey..
ZA please.. don't jump into a wagon when you are not prepare to do it..


What you might want to know:

  • ZA - 219
  • 6ml
  • Rp. 55.000,- (i got mine for Rp 27.500,-, it was 50% discount.. Yay?)
  • Made in Japan assembled in Taiwan
  • Available locally (Indonesia)
  • When i bought this, they only got ONE shade.. i didn't check another ZA counter though

It's kind a love and hate relationship.. I love the colour, but hate it's formula..
I give this baby 6.8/10 and i don't think i'm going to buy another colour from this variant 

Next post will be TONYMOLY nail polish! 


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