TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series - GT04 (Neptune) Swatch and review

I assume you guys already quite familiar about TONYMOLY,
This nail polish is actually part of my haul when i bought their sheet mask, which i already review.. 

As i promise you girls and guys..

TONYMOLY nail polish swatch!! YAY!!
I've been drolling since i saw TONYMOLY galaxy series swatch on the internet..
Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Earth, Mercury..hhhh~

I already got Neptune, soon i will buy Mars and Jupiter!!
Sadly i can't find Mercury and Earth.. 
Where the heck is my earth?? I live on earth! TONYMOLY Indonesia i want my earth!! ~!@#$%^&*()_*@~!#^*(
Sorry.. been lost in my thought again..

What caught my eyes

TONYMOLY - Galaxy series - GT04 (Neptune)
okay.. I can't find any claim anywhere.. whatever.. there is only one word to describe this baby: GLITTER

i sound like glitter maniac by now.. i'm going to review creme or jelly nail polish next time (maybe.. perhaps.. *BIG GRIN*)

Take a look at this baby
TONYMOLY - GT04 (Neptune) - Indoor

TONYMOLY - GT04 (Neptune) - sunlight

My photograph above unfortunately doesn't do justice to this baby!
I take this blurry picture.. so you get the idea.. GLITTER MADNESS!!

Even this photo doesn't do the justice..

TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series - GT04 (Neptune) is Sumatra forest in a bottle.. Sheer lush green based, yellowish olive micro glitter and grass hexes!! Green on green on green!! It was opaque in two coats.. When it dry, it kind a gritty.. so you will need thick top coat for this baby..

TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series - GT04 (Neptune) -  OPI suzi skis in the pyreness 

The brush is actually quite good, it's not as wide as OPI and quite flexible.
and i love their bottle design.. it is so efficient! 

Round shape bottle; come handy when you store this baby, and they craft their brand on the cap.. things like this might be just a tiny little detail, but it surely useful when i'm trying to find a single bottle within my collection.

What you might want to know:
  • TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series - GT04 (Neptune)
  • Rp. 79.000,-
  • Made in Korea
  • Available locally
  • Ummm.. there is no description on how much this product content in the bottle..

I love this baby!!
i give this baby 8.5/10!!
Of course, i'm going to buy another color from this line (Earth.. TONYMOLY Indonesia.. give me my Earth!)


Nb. Just my train of thought.

Why is this nail polish call "Neptune"?
Well.. i'm trying to google neptune..
and neptune is.. kind a blue


and the only green neptune i know is..

Sailor neptune (huh?) 

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  1. awesome color! <3
    i also love tonymoly nail polishes, theyre awesome!

  1. Sara said...:

    Yup! yup! i couldn't agree more!

  1. -------------- said...:

    cantik Sarrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
    Allah, pengen belii T___________T


  1. Sara said...:

    @gita: beli! beli! *setanin org*

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