Barielle - Buddha-ful Swatch & Review

Hachooo! *sniff* 
Sorry for my lack of post girls and guys..
I've been sick for a couple days.. i prefer sleep than stay online..

I've promised you guys, to swatch non Japan and Korean nail polish.

I rarely update my stash by now, but here it is..

What caught my eyes:

Barielle Buddha-ful

That picture doesn't do justice to this baby!
That picture doesn't do justice to this baby!
That picture doesn't do justice to this baby!

Without flash (Right) - With flash (left)
Click to enlarge.

You know this nail polish is special because i have many bottle shoot by now!

When i first saw Budha-ful at my friend's online store, i never pay attention to swatch or review. I don't really care whether it is yellow ochre, greige, jet black, cat poo! alien! whatever!
Buddha-ful from the Karma collection.. I.NEED.THIS.NOW!
and I am so into yoga! I need nail polish to wear while i'm doing it! (Haha! lame excuse!)

Anyway.. this is my first Barielle nail polish. I was a bit sceptical when i see the packaging. Well, i have to admit, it is effective for storage, but not have enough character (?) Okay! let's just say, i can easily miss this bottle in my stash. It's just.. it look profesional but not uniqe enough.

Brush comparison:
Barielle - Buddha-ful (left) and OPI - Here today, aragon tommorow (right)

No, i'm not gong to complain about their brush. Not a fan of small rounded-end brush, but lady with small nailbed will love this.

Barielle - Buddha-ful - Indoor
Without flash (Right) - With flash (left)

Barielle - Buddha-ful - Outdoor -Sunlight

Barielle Buddha-ful is a pinkish nude beige with green flakies! If you look closely it shifting to blue. It is so sheer, i use 4 coats to get that opacity. I love! love! LOVE THE COLOR! This baby's flakies never stop gleaming! Turn your nail, left and right.. It's gleaming!

I like nude nail, but sometimes, it just boring you know? And this is a great twist for a plain nude! Work appropriate! And if you don't really have that guts to wear bright, neon, crazy glitter nail polish.. This is the right exercise for you!

In term of formula, 3 free formula (DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free).. Barielle - Budha-ful is a bit thick, and drying time kind a slow, but it's worth it! 

What you might want to know:
  • Barielle - Budha-ful
  • 13.3ml
  • Rp. 95.000,- (I got mine from my friend's online shop)
  • Made in USA
  • Not available locally

I love this baby! And yes! i'm going to repurchase other color.. i've spotted Elle's spell, Aura anggora, Shannon's attitude, !@#$%^&*(*&^# Gosh! stop me! 

Product: 9.5/10
Packaging: 7.5/10
Value for money: 8.5/10

Total: 8.5/10

Indonesian reader.. Would you please kindly check and add my friend online shop Symbio.Lisa ? She only ship to Indonesia resident. No, she is not my sponsor, i bought my own nail polish. She is a very great friend of mine in real life, i just want to help her. Thanks a lot and kisses.


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  1. Rosdiana Rose said...:

    Gorgeous color. Yes I love Barielle. I have a stash of my collection of barielle. My husband will tell you that I have 30 barielle but i will say no i don't lol i have close to 20 maybe haha

  1. Sara said...:

    @rosdiana: ahhhhh.. envy.. it's so hard to get good nail polish around here.. >___<

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