This post will contain rant, rambling, and rant only.
Okay.. i'm not trying to spread negative energy to you guys and girls.
but, I AM SAD!

Do you see all the mess on my floor??

That is..!
That is..!
That is..!

That is my OPI - Suzi skis in the pyreness! GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

My face look exactly like that
from this

I was being clumsy, not realize my nail polish actually on my bed. It fell and shattered into pieces! 

I shed a tears.

SERIOUSLY! I shed a tears.
from this

Maybe you think i'm being overreacting..
It's not about the money (really) but it was my first OPI EVER! 
RIP Suzi skis n the pyreness, i will buy you again, eventhough i know, it won't be the same (in term of sentiment not formula).


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