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COMBO BAREFACE ATTACK! (i hope it's not too traumatizing)
Anyway.. Since i got a pretty big tired puffy eye and i'm pretty sure you guys tired of me complain about it in every single mask review. I finally bought eye masks! No just one! but two! And i'm going to review both of them! It's gonna be a loooooong post!

What caught my eyes:

Click to see product description

Click to see product description

Tonymoly - Black Masquerade Eye Mask and Tonymoly - White Masquerade Eye Mask

The claim:
Magical face change with black & white classy masquerade mask

The SA actually suggest me snail eye mask, but this eye mask is so cute.. i end up buy this one! Oh yeah.. why i bought both of them? it because the SA can't tell the difference. I have to find the differences! 


That's my big puffy eyebag armed with dark circle and fine line! not much to say, just look at the picture.

Since Tonymoly SA keep telling me white one is better and i tend to keep the best for the last. So, let's try the black one!

I feel like catwoman..

So, this eye mask got it name from it shape. I certainly look good while wear this mask *plain narsism LOL!*. My first impression will be "hmmm.. it feel fresh, not cool, only fresh" anyway it's quite gentle i presume, i feel no stinging sensation and no irritation whatsoever. I smell a very faint of fruity smell or maybe flower? Well, this eyemask contain fragrance.

I look like a psycopath in this pic. 

Before (Right) - After (Left)

Ehh.. it do nothing to my dark circle.. the only good side is it leave my eyes moisturize and refresh. 

Okay.. i still got my white eye mask! Since Tonymoly SA recomend it, it got to be better, right? Then 5 days later.. I try white one!

Another mugshoot!

Still the same.. Fine line, dark circle, "I need photoshop badly" eyebag.

It got the same masquerade shape as the black one (of course, it come from the same line.. duh!) and actually the sensation is identic to the black one. I'm confuse. What's the different??

What is the diference?? WHAT?? Okay.. it leave my eyes moisturize and supple for quite a long time BUT still do nothing to my dark circle! 

The only good thing about this. I can camwhore with this mask on!

Call me "Your Highness"
I know you want to slap me by now.. Haha!

What you might want to know:

  • Tonymoly - Black Masquerade Eye Mask
  • Tonymoly - White Masquerade Eye Mask
  • Rp 29.000,- (counter price)
  • 7ml
  • Made in Korea
  • Available Locally (Indonesia)

Okay.. This eyemask is not made for me. It's actually not that bad. It's quite gentle, the "refresh" sensation is just right, it moisturize your skin around the eyes, and you can camwhore while using it! if you don't have much dark circle like i do, maybe you'll like it. It just not made for me. 

Product: 7.8/10
Packaging: 8.5/10
Value for money: 7/10

Total: 7.76

Next time i'm going to try their snail eyemask. I guess, this is the begining of my journey to find the cure for my big puffy eyes and my dark circle (except sleeping.. i write this post like what? 1 A.M? LOL!)


9 komentar:

  1. Xiao Vee said...:

    huahahaha ngakak liat foto2nya.. lucu banget ini mask nya baru tau ada ginian xD
    thanks for sharing ^^

  1. Shasha said...:

    lucu banget!! aku pernah liat ini di webnya tony moly tp belum nyobain hehehe

  1. Sara said...:

    @xiao Vee: ga bisa nahan diri aku.. harus ngambil gambar yang terakhir itu! XD

    @shasha: kalo dark circle ga parah beli aja shaa.. mayan bisa camwhore pas masker-an..

  1. | miss rhea | said...:

    hihihi lucu banget, kaya lady zorro :p

  1. Sara2..

    narsis nomor 1 yah sar??

    itu kantong mata di potoshopin aje... hehehehe...

  1. Sara said...:

    @Miss Rhea: catherine zeta jones? *dikeplak* ;p
    @Steffie: entar steff.. setelah 3 bulan blogging u pasti lebih narsis drpd g.. XD

  1. Rosdiana said...:

    Lol sara u can audition for the next Batman movie! Catwoman was just there right? Lol
    Nice review! Actually it really seems like your bottom eyes were less puffy with the white one? Slightly? Not surr now haha

  1. wakakaka sarahhh...
    sepertinya gw bakal masih jaim2, klo si dina yg blogging th, bru gw rasa dy bakal narsis abis2an.. hihihi

  1. Sara said...:

    @rosdiana: Anna hathaway win over me in the dark knight rises.. LOL! my eyebag pretty much the same in real life.. but that's fine, another skincare adventure! finding good eyemask!

    @steff: kyknya u hrs nambah wigdet follower di blog u steff.. g ga bisa follow u..

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