Peripera Rose nail - GR308 swatch and review

Only 8 posts so far? 
I'm being lazy this month.. 
Making excuse and all.
Anyway! I have this very awesome nail polish!!

What caught my eyes:

Peripera nail polishes! 
I'm only going to swatch the green one! Peripera Rose nail - GR308

I don't know a lot about peripera. I try to open their website, and it is written in hangeul *dumbfounded*. 

The claim:
Long-lasting formula that glides on your nails effortlessly with brilliant color! Will last for atleast a full week without any chipping! With just one coat, get clear vivid color that will last. Best nail polish formula and voted no.1 nail polish in South Korea.

Just look at the packaging detail! Cap, hologram  logo and all! !##$%^&*(()*^$#!!! Goshh.. Aren't they the most beautiful things ever? Up to this point, you guys know.. I only buy these polishes for their packaging LOL!

Brush comparison:
Peripera rose nail - GR308 and OPI - Suzi skis in the pyreness

Big wide thick brush! Seriously Look at that comparison!

Peripera rose nail - GR308 - Indoor (Soft flash)

Peripera rose nail - GR308 - Outdoor (Sunlight)

It's a very bright lime with a bit green! Almost neon! Okay.. maybe it is neon. The thing is, my camera is an emo, it refuse to capture anything too bright more specifically neon, and my camera is been sulking since i take these pictures. So maybe this is neon, a very subtle one. 

This color remind me to OPI Shrek - Fiercely fiona which i don't have, so i can't make any comparison.

I love the color, packaging.. But not their formula. It's kind a miss for me. It's quite thick, hard to even out and take quite sometimes to dried out. Anyway, it was 2,5 coats (half stand for a thin coat, only use to even out everything).

It's not all that bad, this nail polish stay for 6 days without chipping (i didn't do any hardcore housecore though) 

Ahh~ there is another miss (for me)

Despite all my compliment to their packaging, this packaging is too tall. It's no efficient for storage-purpose whatsoever. 

What you might want to know:

  • Peripera Rose nail - GR308
  • Rp35.000 (online purchase - Dreamie Chuppa - facebook online shop)
  • Made in Korea

I love the color. Yes! i'm going to purchase another Peripera nail polish, but not from this line. 

Product: 7/10

Packaging: 9/10
Value for money: 9/10

Total: 8.33

How about you? have you try peripera rose nail before?



i add the online shop name! she found my blog, and eventually know me from my camwhore photos! Well..  I'm touched.. I was like "wow.. from all your customer.. you can remember me? that's kind a sweet" A bit about dreamie chuppa.. The owner is very helpfull! i almost lost my package and she help me to find it.. *hearts everywhere* in case you are wondering.. no, i'm not paid by dreamie to write this.. i bought that nail polish by my own.


6 komentar:

  1. warnanya bagus..

    pengen beli, cuma kutek uda numpuk di rmh.. huhuhuhu

  1. -------------- said...:

    wii, kukunya bagus loh sayy kamu,,
    aku gak betah kuku panjang, jadi bikin nail art di fake nail aja, jadi bisa dicopot-copt, huehehehe

    mampir-mapir blog ku ya

  1. fitri said...:

    seger warna nya....:)

    main ya ke blog ku

  1. Sara said...:

    @steff: beliiii.. kan nail polish susah rusakk.. yang dirumah ini seratus biji mo diapain yah..

    @gita: kukunya baru patah loo.. skrg jadi pendek.. ak sering loh main ke blog kamu.. baca petualangan di Bali bersama coffee.. ihiyy.. *ehem* tapi masih silent reader.. XD

    @fitri: iya fitri.. hijau segar bgt.. ak check ya..^^

  1. love your nails.. theyre so long and pretty <3
    the color is amazing..

  1. Sara said...:

    @Jessie: Thank you.. sadly i've cut my nail short by now.. they broke.. good news is i can make tutorial for short nail! YIPE!

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