Giveaway: Diary of a product junkie

Diary of product junkie, one of Indonesian Beauty Blogger is holding a giveaway for her 2nd blogvessary!!


I already read her blog, looooong before i make my blog! Always a silent reader.. I'm such an introvert.. pftttt.. But guys seriously, i'm a introvert, a narcist one. *rolling eyes*
At first, i only want to fill her survey, but then I made youtube account just to enter this giveaway.. errrmmm.. i will not post anything on my YT account.. okay, maybe one day.. once i know what to post.. I don't have vid cam afterall.. silly me

By the way.. it's for Indonesian residence only.. Non Indonesian residence, don't be sad.. Since she write her blog in english, you could always read her blog. Her blog always full of information! I'm getting smarter and smarter each time i visit it!

Anyway, if you want to join her giveaway, you can go to her blog, Diary of product junkie Click it! Click it! Come on.. Click it! The more.. the merrier!!


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