TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT05 (Jupiter) Swatch and review

Hello everybody!

Sorry for being MIA for couple days.. well, i'm going to explain it


A bad one, i can't speak nor concentrate for days! Yup! That sums up everything. I get better nowadays, so i can make post like normal! YAYYYY!!

Move on to the review.

What caught my eyes:

TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT05 A.K.A Jupiter
YEAH! Another glitter madness like it's sister!

Brush comparison:
TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT05 - Jupiter (right) and OPI - Suzi skis in the pyreness (left)

Um.. if you ever read my review about TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT04 (Neptune), you will notice something weird. okay, i'm going to talk about it later.

Switch to my swatch!

TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT05 (Jupiter) - Indoor (soft flash)

TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT05 (Jupiter) - Outdoor (Sunlight)

Glitter madness! i told you.

As usual, i don't know why they name it "jupiter". I try to connect it with zodiac, birthstone and ruling planet, got nothing as result. Okay, amethyst is the birthstone for Aquarius, but aquarius is rule by Uranus. Errrr, i rambling too much.

TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT05 (Jupiter) is a royal purple based, small purple glitter, medium blue hex glitter, with a touch of a very small red glitter! it was 2 coat, the formula is nice, not too runny not too thick. Like it's sister, when it dry, it's kind a gritty.. you will need thick top coat.

Despite about the blue hex glitter and purple glitter tend to stuck on the bottom. I love this baby!


Yeah, there is "but".. 
I find a weird things.. In my Neptune swatch, i mention how i love their cap design. They emboss their logo into it.

TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT05 - Jupiter (right)  and TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT04 - Neptune(left) 

This one got no emboss on it's cap.

But wait! There is another weird things going on!

TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT04 - Neptune (right) and TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT05 - Jupiter (left) 

Neptune's brush is slightly bigger than my jupiter brush.
FYI, i bought jupiter online. judge by the cap, maybe this is a fake product?
i don't know. But judge from their formula and other online swatch, i'm pretty sure it's not fake.

Did TONYMOLY just repackage their nail polish? Cos, i can't find any news related to it. Gawd! i'm confused! 

What you might want to know:
  • TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT05 (Jupiter) 
  • Rp. 40.000,- (online purchase)
  • Made in Korea

Anyway, I'm happy with this nail polish. Regardless fake or not, it is beautiful, if it's a fake. It's a very well-made one.

Product: 8.5/10
Packaging: As for now, i can't rate their packaging.
Value for money: 10/10

Total: 9.25/10 (This total point might be changed, as for now, no packaging point being added to this one)

See you later


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  1. Pygmalion said...:

    thank you for reviewing this.. so gonna buy it :D

  1. -------------- said...:

    mana yang neptuneeeee *Q*
    cantik bener ini Sar, sumfeeeeeeeeeeeeh

    come and see my blog yaa x))

  1. Hey, i give you an award. Check here

  1. Sara said...:

    @pygmalion & gita: yesss.. tebar racun! XD

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