Haul: September 2012

I really want to do haul post since a loooooong time ago.. But i'm a very random, impatient not forget to mention unorganized person, so i never be able to do it. So this is my first haul post!

1. Medic mask
My nephews suffer small pox. I'm pretty sure i've suffer pox once, BUT all my household members said that i never suffer small pox. So i have to use medic mask, glove, gobble up all the vitamins till.. i don't know.. Let's just hope i never catch pox..

2. Tonymoly - Cottony Essence sheet mask wine

I bought this for my weekly sheet mask! It's contain Wine extract that exfoliates, brightens skin (at least that was the website said) i bought it only because i love wine. LOL!

3. Faceshop - Face it BK901

I didn't bought it.. My friend give it to me, said she got no guts wearing black. Now you become mine! *evil laugh*

4. Tonymoly - base coat

I run out mine.

5. Tonymoly - Galaxy series GT02 (Earth)

WOOHOOO!! Earth! Will do swatch and review soon!!

6. L'oreal - Miss Candy nail (305 and 611)

I can't recall the last time i saw l'oreal nail polish in Indonesia or maybe they never did? Please somebody tell me.

7.  Liole - Vita shake pack mixed

Wash off mask. Gonna review it soon.

8. Tonymoly - C-zone patch.

I know T-zone, but C-zone? 

9. Mustika Ratu - Herbal Facial Wipes

10. Biore - cleansing oil sheet

11. Lioele - Pore Clean & Tightening Dr. Ampoule 

12. Liole - C.A.D Oxygen Pore cream
Free sample! There is something about my pore.. Liole give me 2 tightening pore product.. There is something about my pore.. Pore..

So! Next month will be filled with theese product review. Vita shake, nail polish and mask!

Random weekend Photos!

Mr Curry Oxtail Curry (black squid ink - screaming spicy)

Black earing (ignore that leaves ear pieces)

Black top

Sorry for bad quality photos. Anyway.. Black top, black earing, black curry and black nail polish (hidden under my watermark). At least i wear coral nail polish, so i don't look like mourning walking emo girl! Haha!


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