China Glaze - Desert sun Swatch and review

Back to nail polish swatch!!

What caught my eyes:

China Glaze - Desert Sun

Uhum.. I know many blogger have already swatch this, but this might be the only caramel that i LOVE. 

Ps. You will see magic in the photo below

China Glaze - Desert Sun and OPI - Suzi skis in the pyreness

Notice the magic? LOL! I'll tell you later
Anyway back to the swatch.. I assume you guys already know China Glaze. It's a good brush, small, take good amount of product, suitable for small nailbed.

Here is the magic..
China Glaze - Desert Sun - Indoor (soft flash)

China Glaze - Desert Sun - Outdoor (sunlight)


Nahhh.. I take this swatch a long time ago, always forget to upload it. The thing is my camera focus just wont work, i can't take any photos, I'm planning to go to the service center today, for now i just post whatever left on my draft. Anyone know olympus service center near Jakarta Barat? Epppp! Rambling.. Swatch! Review! Focus!

China Glaze - Desert Sun.. I always love name like this! It really potrait this nail polish. This nail polish literally like a desert sun in the afternoon (at least, it look like  afternoon desert sun that i watch in National Geographic. LOL!) It is caramel with a lot of orange, just like the desert sun! My friend call this "burnt too much tan orange". LOL!!

Strange, beautiful, simple, yet captivating. Ooooo.. I fall in love! 

See? See what i mean! Afternoon desert sun.
Taken from here

Formula wise, This nail polish is quite thick. For short nail you can get away with only one thick coat, BUT in that picture i use 2,5 coat. That's when i realized, this nail polish tend to bubble so you have to wait till the coat really dry before you put another coat.

What you might want to know:

  • China Glaze - Desert sun (On Safari Collection)
  • Rp 95.000,- (buy it online - Symbiolisa link goes here ..Indonesian Reader please add her online shop, a little friendly advertisment for my friend online shop :D)
  • 14ml
  • Not available locally 

Product             : 8,5/10
Packaging          : 9/10
Value for money : 8,5/10
Total                 : 8.66


Well, YES!  Another color! I always have soft spot for China Glaze, since it was my first love (in term of nail polish) But.. Heuuu.. Why US brand always come out with new collection?
Brains: Of course to keep up with their selling! Stupid Sara!
Me: but brainiee.. I can't catch up with them! Now, I'm drolling over Zoya and haloween collection!
Brain: Who said you need to buy them all?
Me: Myself?
Brain: You fool mortal!
Me: Brain, I hate you.


6 komentar:

  1. bossa nova said...:

    you're crazeeh funny to the death! lol!
    fool mortal? buahahahaha! *loling to death*
    eniwey, well yeah, I often bought same shoes or clothes which match with me and my mom, hehe
    hei dear, I am going to make a banner for your blog and put it on my blog, since you put my link on your blog *dancing*


  1. Rosdiana said...:

    Lol tell your brain to figure out how to get those zoya collections haha u r too funny. Always gets entertained when I read ur blog.

  1. Sara said...:

    @Gita: That's cuteee!! me and my mom wouldn't wear anything match.. She love bright color, i love black.. *hug mom* Banner for my blog?? ooohh! i lovee youuuu!!! *kisses*

    @Rosdiana: It's all your fault.. I shouldn't open your blog.. *sob* anyway.. It's good you guys get entertained! i always want to write like i'm actually sharing things with my friend! And laugh is actually a very cheap way to stay beautiful! :D

  1. bossa nova said...:

    Mom always like all off my clothes,, I don't know why. Muahahaha. So always buy two of them with different color,, mom loves yellow and other neon color, and i love pastel color,,

    anyway,let's do some tutorial for meeeeeee
    I am waiting for this nee~~
    :3 :3

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  1. Sara said...:

    @Gita: i'm planning to do some nail tutorial.. i just have to shape my index finger a lil bit more.. ;)

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