Lioele - Vita shake Pack (Cranberry)

Gosh! i miss blogging so much! I've been so busy this week, life give me lemon, and i got to squish it hard to make a nice lemonade. i'm happy it was only lemon, not watermelon, i don't know how to squish watermelon..

Talking about fruits! I got some fruit related mask to review! Another bare face time! Mask Review! 

What caught my eyes:

This is happen when i'm just to lazy to rewrite all that ingredients, and "click this to enlarge" thingy  just won't work. Phew! That's a lot of ingredients.

Lioele - Vita Shake pack (Cranberry)

I bought this almost a month ago, already wear it at least 5 times (in 2 weeks). Now! Time for the complete review!

The claim:

The fresh fruit ingredients which contain plenty of vitamins make your skin moist and healthy, and this fruit juice  pack includes vivid grains like real fruits.
Lemon (brightening) / kiwi (soothing trouble) / papaya (peeling) / Bluberry (firming & refreshing skin) / Apple manggo (deep hydration) / Cranberry (pore tightening and sebum control)
I try Cranberry! There is a bit contradiction in their packaging. In that plastic cup packaging, it is stated "Cranberry (pore tightening and sebum control)", but in the cranberry sachet itself stated "Controls skin trouble effectively and hydrates for softer and moister skin texture."

I have trouble skin nowadays, since i active in blogging, i tend to use makeup! I'm pretty aware, my skin can't handle foundation and such. BUT STILL! If you see so many beautiful ladies, play with their makeup, how could you stand for more than a week without playing with your long lost cosmetic pouch?!


just click, so you can see all my pore

I'm sorry, i forgot to take before usage photo, but this can do.. Big ass pimple on my chin! Pore.. pore everywhere! i actually have a small pimple in my left side lips.. Ah! if you wondering, yes.. i'm using mascara and tightline my eyes while take this pic. 

Lioele - Vita shake pack is wash off type face mask.

I usually bought sheet mask, the real reason why i bought this? the SA said the magic words "it's the last mix fruits mask, miss!"... The last.. The last.. The last.. *echoed* Then she said "if you compare it to sheet mask, it's quite economic you see? it is mix, so you can try 5 different mask!".. Economic.. Economic.. Economic.. *echoed again*

Phew! They should make their store echoproof or something like that (or i should upgrade my head, with this echoproof thingy), i end up buy a cup of mix fruit mask, instead 3d neck sheet mask!

Move to the review!

Oh Korea, I always love your little tiny detail packaging, so thoughtfull, i usually just bite it off!

That small sachet hold a good amount of mask, it was more than enough for my wide face.

 and this fruit juice pack includes vivid grains like real fruits.
I get the point, it feels like using my mom homemade unfiltered juice on my face. Litteraly! It have cool refreshing sensation. I dunno, i look like just finish 45 minutes cardio session while put this mask on.


kind a gross, i know.

Wash it off! Aftermath!

See something happen on my skin?
Well my skin feel a bit tight, my pore and pimple really calm down! I use this for 2 week (3 days interval each usage, it really help to heal my pimple) 

No, it's not miracle worker, but yes! it is working.

What you might want to know:
  • Liole Vita Shake Pack (Cranberry)
  • Rp 140.000,-(Counter price, for 20 sachets mask)
  • Made in Korea
  • Available locally
So, well, i like this face mask, it working for my skin. But it really bugging me, all the fruits extract listed way below in the ingredients list, and yep, alcohol is the third in the ingredient list. Maybe that's why my pore shrink really fast?

Product: 7.8/10
It's not a miracle product, but it works for me!
Packaging: 8/10
It meet all my expectation.
Value for money: 8.5/10
I have to admit 20 sachets, 5 different variant in a cup for Rp 140.000,- For me, it was worth it!

Total Point: 8.1/10

Repurchase? I still got 4 other variant to review, and i'm a mask-adventurer! So, No, thank you. But yes! i will use this mask religiously! Wait for another variant review!


11 komentar:

  1. | miss rhea | said...:

    pretty packaging, and pretty owner ^^

  1. Sara said...:

    @rhea: thank you Rhea.. you are just too sweet.. *kisses*

  1. belliani bebe said...:

    Aku kira permen rasa buahan.Ternyata saat roll kebawah itu masker toh...haha

  1. Shasha said...:

    packaginya kayak permen hi5 ^^

  1. Fely Funakoshi said...:

    should I try this one too? >.<

  1. Sara said...:

    @ Bebe & Shasha: heu.. kayaknya setelah blogging aku jadi banci packaging..

    @fel2: ada alkoholnya fel.. setelah 1 cup ini abis, kayaknya ga bakal beli lagi si..

  1. Rosdiana said...:

    Great review. Omgosh i love the lil packaging! Ao convenient to have. Wish we have mask that lil so i can bring it when i visit my MIL. Awesome review again Sara! Always enjoy reading your blog :)

  1. Hana said...:

    Oh my GOD.. Soo cute!! cant stand not to buy them!
    nice to know ur blog *follow ur blog already hehehe
    mind to folback?

  1. Sara said...:

    @rosdiana: Thank you Rose! :D

    @Hana: Right? Right? Gee.. It's so hard to be "banci packaging".. aku ga perhatiin ingredients-nya sama sekali loh.. =___=a

  1. mels said...:

    aku punya jugaa >.< tapi yang versi jadul deh kayaknya. soalnya punyaku tutp gelasnya cembung :3

    mels at

  1. Sara said...:

    @Mels: iya ada yang cembung.. aku justru lebih mau sama gelas cembung.. lebih imut.. :)

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