L'oreal Nail polish - 305 (Dating Coral) and 611 (Sky Fits Heaven)

2 Post in a row? I'M ON FIRE!

What caught my eyes:

L'oreal - Miss candy nail 305 (Dating Coral) & L'or Electric 611 (Sky fits Heaven)
2 swatch in a post? What gotten into me? It's gonna be a long post! You already be warned..

Somebody, please tell me.. Did L'oreal ever release nail polish line in Indonesia? If they did, i can't recall any of it.

When i first saw Miss Candy ad in Cosmopolitan September (i bought it only for their free stuff) I was like "L'oreal? nail polish? really?" I never read magazine, so pardon my lack of knowledge.

The press realese:

Introducing the new Miss Candy collection; mouth-watering, sugar sweet selection of swirls, sparkles and shimmering shades.
Mirror your every summertime mood with the scrumptious collection of Miss Candy Color Riche Nail Varnishes. With Miss Candy, there’s no such thing as too much!
Treat your nails to an assortment of candy cane colours with the new Miss Candy Color Riche Nail Varnish collection. Adorn your nails with a pretty palette of summer shades from effervescent pastels to tangy brights. Thanks to integrated gel technology, colour glides on easier than ever giving smooth, even coverage over the entire nail.

Straight to the mall! WOOHOO! New nail polishes! In Indonesia, it is summer everyday all year long. So i don't really care whether this summer stuff or whatever. As long as i got new shade, i'm happy!

Anyway the colour selection is kind a boring, IMHO. But this is my first L'oreal nail polish and it is affordable! So i bought 2 of it. I think the pinkish coral one is from Miss Candy line and the blue one is from L'or Electric line? I really need to read magazine from now on. 

L'oreal - miss candy 305 (Dating Coral) and OPI - Suzi skis in the pyreness

It's a good brush! Seriously! I'm in love with this brush! Fan shape, thin, dense, take good amount of product, one swipe can cover all your nailbed (except thumb) L'oreal.. I LOVE YOUR BRUSH! GOOD JOB! *standing ovation*

L'oreal Miss Candy 305 (Dating Coral) - Indoor (soft flash)

L'oreal Miss Candy 305 (Dating Coral) - Outdoor (sunlight)

In case you are wondering why my hand look like lobster? I mess my camera white balance. I'm so frustrated to take a pic of this nail polish. The color is not right! In this picture Dating coral looks so coral? In real life it look so pink! Pink that prone to look coral! Or maybe coral that prone to look pink? I'm confused. It got a very fine shimmer, but it barely noticeable once you wear it.

L'oreal L'or Electric 611 (Sky fits Heaven) - Indoor (soft flash)

L'oreal L'or Electric 611 (Sky fits Heaven) - Ourdoor (sunlight)

Sky fits Heaven.. Such a good name.. If only the shade is as good as it's name, all i got is a boring blue. Sky fits heaven.. I've heard it somewhere.. Madonna? Madonna's song? Is that you?
Anyway.. Sorry for my messy application. I try to make my own nail tip guide, fail big time!

Formula, i use 2 coats for these swatches! It's nice, glides smoothly, and dried glossy. BUT It tend to bubble if you use thick coats.

After all the pros, the only con will be: PACKAGING! No, not the bottle shape, i'm okay with it. They craft shade code on the cap, but use a transparent label for their brand? Isn't it should be the other way around? I mean, if they can craft this shade code, why they didn't use the same treatment for their brand logo? I really want to peel that tansparent label!

What you might want to know:
  • L'oreal Miss Candy 305 (Dating Coral) 
  • L'oreal L'or Electric 611 (Sky fits Heaven)
  • Rp 49.900,-
  • 5 ml
  • Available locally (Indonesia)

Product: 8/10
Packaging: 6.5/10
Value for money: 7/10
Total: 7,16/10

7,16/10 WOW! That's the lowest point so far..

I don't hate this product, it got this superb brush and good formula! BUT colors is kind a boring and i really don't like their packaging.

Not to mention it's quite pricey. They charge Rp 49.900,- for 5ml nail polish, it's about Rp 9980,- per ml. If i can use it for about 50 nails, it cost about Rp 998,- per nail. Now let's compare it to OPI. In Indonesia OPI retail for Rp 180.000,-, but you can get online for about Rp 120.000,- (15ml) it's about Rp 8000,- per ml. If i assume i can use OPI for about 150 nails, it only cost me 800 per nail. And you can get a very good range colors from OPI!

Of course this calculation can change in real life, i never get the chance to count "cost per usage" for my nail polish, because i never really finish my nail polish, but you guys get the idea. That's why i only give 7/10 for "value for money" point.

Anyway, despite all the cons.. Maybe i'm going to purchase another nail polish from L'oreal. I love their brush so much! I might be forgive their "sins" only for it.

Awkward bangs..

And forgive me for camwhoring. I can't stand it! I want to make duck-face just like Miss candy model: Barbara Palvin! LOL


11 komentar:

  1. Vicky Hoang said...:

    The colors are fine but nothing unique :) nice nail design


  1. Sara said...:

    Yup.. the colour selection is kind a meh.. The only good thing is the brush! Thank you for your compliment :D

  1. Rosdiana said...:

    Lol i just LOVE ur review! I do like the electric blue! I never own loreal nail polish. I'd rather use my $5 and spend it on 5 wet and wild nail polishes which cost $.99/each. Awesome right! Haha

    I do love the "nail art" and duck face lol. U should put on a lup plumper then ur lip will look as fuller as hers. HAH! She has a slightly, just slightly plumper lip. Lol haha
    I love you Sara

  1. I like the coral one, I've tried it at the mall and I think it's so bright! ^^
    Btw Sky fits Heaven is a Madonna's song, I just Googled it, haha..

  1. Sara said...:

    @Rosdiana: That's the spirit! I don't mind buy anything as long as it's worth it.. Duck face rule!! Listing lip plumper to my shopping list *kisses*

    @Priscilla: It is so bright! I guess that's why i bought dating coral at the first place, cause it's the only color that caught my eyes.. LOL! Madonna 98's song.. Gosh.. for some reason that song stuck in my head, just like frozen.. Eeepp.. i'm rambling again.. XD

  1. Rosdiana said...:

    Hey girl, just want to let you know that I tag you in this "THIS OR THAT" game tag. Check it out and can't wait to read yours :)

  1. CiKey Kim said...:

    nice colour~
    i like the pink one!


  1. Lisa Truong said...:

    The bottles are so cute! & I love your nails!


  1. Sara said...:

    @Lisa: Well.. Hello Lisa! And thank you.. you are so sweet.. :)

  1. bossa nova said...:

    I found this one on some-kind-of-drugstore but I forgot the name
    yeah, brand logo nya bkin gemes, jd pgen nglintek (nglintek?) gak elegant boo

  1. Sara said...:

    @Gita: Bener kan?? aku nahan-nahan diri loh supaya ga ngeletekin itu sticker, karena inget belon difoto..

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