TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT02 (Earth) Swatch and review

Before you accuse me being lazy, I AM NOT LAZY!

The truth is my camera broken follow by my computer keyboard (somebody spill like crazy amount of water to my computer keyboard! seriously.. I tilt my keyboard right and left, i can hear water running around INSIDE my keyboard), then my mouse refuse to right click, then i went crazy. !@#$%^&*&^%$#@#$

Luckyly, Indonesia got the most scorching sun in the Earth (i presume).  I dried my mouse and keyboard, they got some nice tan, and i brought my camera to service center.Voila! They back on track! 

Enough of me rambling!

Ladies and gentlement.. I present you glitter madness

What caught my eyes:

TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT02 (Earth)
My third galaxy series from Tony Moly, i've review Jupiter here and Neptune here Ohhh.. I love this series!

Brush comparison:
TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT05 - Jupiter and OPI - Suzi skis in the pyreness 

You know What i'm going to say about their brush. Big, wide, flexible and kind a fluffy! Good kind a fluffy..

Tony Moly - Galaxy Series GT02 (Earth) - Indoor (soft flash)

Tony Moly - Galaxy Series GT02 (Earth) - Outdoor (sunlight)

These photos don't do justice to this nail polish.
Okay, let's talk about the formula first, because i want to rambling a lot about the color. This swatch need 2 coats for each nail, eat a lot of top coats, dries gritty,  a bit matte but still SPARKLY!

It's so much beautiful in real life! Base color is not simply grey, indoor it look like blackened green, and outdoor it look like blackened blue, in the bottle it look black. I use this shade for 2 weeks, just to make sure that my eyes doesn't play trick on me. It is blackened green and blackened blue!

It pack with silver microglitter, blue glitter, and red glitter! It sparkling like !@#$%&^*()*&^$##! Actually i don't know how to describe this nail polish! "!@#$%&^*()*&^$##" or maybe what you so called "speechless" is understatement.

Silver glitter deepened the base color, it turn turquoise and silver! Red glitter turn to purple, red, orange! Blue spark sparkling like crazy!

Okay, take a look at this pics..


I LOVE! LOVE! Ohh! When i take pics for this post, i wish i have video camera, i want to capture the sparkle.. I want to show you guys.. how beautiful this Earth! And u
nlike the other, I won't question why Tony Moly name it Earth, this is a very beautiful interpretation of our beautiful (poluted) Earth and if i'm E.T i will invade earth for sure! 

What you might want to know:
  • TONYMOLY - Galaxy Series GT02 (Earth)
  • Rp 79.000,- (counter price)
  • Made in Korea
  • Available locally (Jakarta: Taman Anggrek and Pondok Indah Mall)

Product              : 8,5/10
(Formula and brush is quite good)
Packaging           : 8.5/10
(Simple design but not cut off their aesthetic side, efficient and easy to storage)
Value for money : 9/10
(With that kind of color? Oh yeah! It is worth it! I'm so biased! LOL)
Total                 : 8.66

Anyway, this is a very beautiful nail polish, however if you hate shimmer and sparkle, i don't think you going to enjoy this.

Repurchase? YES! Another color. 

Just a lil bit my train of thought, have you ever use a nail polish or makeup, and it remind you to a  particular book? song? maybe video?

I have.

This "Earth" remind me to this very beautiful fan made video with footage from BBC Earth and music Calvin Harris "feel so close" (if you ever click on the youtube link, yes! i copy the video info)

Enjoy the video! And Have a very nice weekend!


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  1. bossa nova said...:

    ok i am teasing u too much. lol *slapped*
    I've been waiting for so long till ths post come out ! wohooo
    but I love jupiter more, this is too dark, nyehehehe
    and the important thing is I miss u ! dont disappeare too long, leh


  1. Sara said...:

    @Gita: Nooooo.. i'm not being lazyyy~ *HUG* i miss you.. i miss everybody.. Can't make any comment nor writing is sucks.. >__<

  1. Kiky Utami said...:

    you're nail look awesome!!

    kukunya cantik,, panjang semampai ga kaya kuku aku T_T

    followed your blog dear,,
    follow me back yukk~ o(^^)o

    XOXO Kiky

  1. Kiky Utami said...:

    I mean "your" nail..
    oh my English!! =.=

  1. Sara said...:

    @kiky: thank you dear.. done! :D

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