TAG GAME: This or That?

Play tag! Play tag! Play tag!

Time surely flies.. I used to be a girl with braids, running around, play tag with my friends, "Accidentally" push them
"Accidentally" mind you.. 
"No, ma'am i believe your child fall on her/his own" *run* 
Now i play tag on my blog! I've been tagged by Rosdiana *kisses*
You know.. The good thing is I can't "accidentally" push anybody online.. Haha! Okay, it's time to answer tag questions!


Blush or Bronzer?
None.. Okay maybe bronzer..
Lipgloss or Lipstick? 
Chapstick or Lipbalm?
Lipbalm.. What is chaptick anyway?
Matte or Sparkle eye shadow? 
Gel,Liquid,Cream, or Pencil eyeline?
Gel and liquid
Foundation or Concealer?
Neutral or Statement Eyes?
STATEMENT! (you got to turn on caps while writing STATEMENT)
Liquid or Powder Foundation?
None.. *sob* none.. i can't use neither of them.. *sob*
Winged or Rimmed Liner?
Winged ;)
Pressed or Loose Shadows?
NONEEEEEE......... *screaming hysterically sulking in front of computer*
Okay if it a must, loose powder then.. *sniff*


Neon,Pastels or Glitter Nail?
All of them!!!
Long or Short?
Acrylic or Natural?
Matte or Shiny?
No way i can choose one of them! 
Go for Manicures or Manicure yourself?
DIY manicure of course!


Perfume or Body Splash?
None.. If it's urgent, i go for perfume
Lotion or Body Butter?
Lotion.. and olive oil, VCO, rice brand oil.. You name it, every oil that you can find on your nearest supermarket belong to my body
Body Wash or Soap?
Soap bar
Fruity or Flowery Scents?
Grass? Green tea is a grass right?
Natural or Synthetic products?
I actually go for whatever work for me.. But it always end up with the most natural thingy i.e: aloe vera, olive oil, rice brand oil and VCO


Jeans or Sweat Pants? 
Long Sleeve or Short? 
Short and 3/4 sleeve
Dresses or Skirts? 
Stripes or Plaid? 
Tunics or Tshirts?
Flip flops or Sandals?
Scarves or Hats?
Studs or Dangling Earrings?
Dangling all the wayyy~
Necklace or Bracelets?
Heels or Flats?
Errr... Boots? okay i prefer heels but using flats (and boots) in my daily life..
Jacket or Hoodie?


Curly or Straight?
Bun or Ponytail?
Bobby pins or Butterfly clips?
Booby pins with cute rose!
Hair Spray or Gel?
Hair mousse?
Long or Short?
Light or Dark?
Dark.. Black actually..
Side Sweep bangs or Full Bangs?
Side Sweep Bangs.. 


Rain or Shine?
Rainy days 
Summer or Winter?
Ummm.. It's more likely flood season or sunburn season in Jakarta..
I like rainy days, if you ever see a crazy lady swaying with her headset on (and umbrella of course!) in the middle of the rain.. Well, that's might be me.. In term of four season stuff.. i like fall.
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate (and peanut)
Pool or Beach?
Mall or Online Shopping?
Coke or Pepsi?
Tea? No? Lime squash? okay.. Coke then..
Donuts or Pastry? 
COOKIES!!!! COOKIES!!! COOKIES!!! okayyy.. pastry..

Now.. I tag you:



9 komentar:

  1. Tks, sara...^^
    Kerjain malem ini ah... seru sih... XD

  1. belliani bebe said...:

    Wah, ada game.. Asyiiik
    thx ya tag game ini, Sara ^_^

  1. Rosdiana said...:

    Lol i love it! I knew it willbe so much fun reading your answer. When I was younger, I used to love rainy days. Btw, if I can find motor oil in a supermarket, you have tried those too? Interesting. Lol now i am wondering if you have a kinky side ROFL! Great post girl! U nailed it!

  1. thank you for the tag babe!!!
    LOLOLOLOL, I just laugh when i read this: "Neon,Pastels or Glitter Nail? All of them!!!"


  1. Sara said...:

    @Mizha & Bebe: Let's play! Can't wait to read yours! :D

    @Rosdiana: Motor oil? hmm.. i'm intrigued.. i'd like to try it once.. LOL!! of course not.. I'm not kinky.. I'm innocent *wink*

    @Jessie: Girl you are so fast! I'm reading yours now :D

  1. | miss rhea | said...:

    thanks so muchhh saraaaa, i feel so appreciated :D
    will post this game soon! *kisssses*

  1. Anonymous said...:

    a nice post...

  1. Sara said...:

    @Rhea: YAYYY!! I'm reading yours now.. :D

    @Sunotoaw: Thank you Sunotoaw.. :)

  1. Sara... aku udah menan tuh.. mampir yak... :D

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