Liole - 3D Lifting Mask

Bare face!!

I think you guys pretty aware of it by now..
everytime i post my bare face, it will be another mask review (and not just a plain narcism! LOL!) 

This time; Liole - 3D Lifting mask!

The Brand
I bet you guys already know about this brand, but it never hurt to make a quick review, right? 

From their website:

  • Pinklicious: Liole identifies with girls never ending pursuit for the special color, Pink. Be Pinklicious with Liole
  • Beauty Remedy: Liole cast a magic spell on our products with beneficial ingredients for your skin
  • Dollish look: We always give you a dollish beauty with radiant look
 For Indonesian, here is their official Liole Indonesia website, judging by their platform, i guess you can buy their product online.

In my opinion, okay.. i have to admit, i have a slight phobia with PINK, and their booth (Mall Ciputra) is PINK! PINK EVERYWHERE! No, i'm not trying to bad mouth, it's personal preferances after all, and they got this fairy tale concept (cute little pumpkin logo and all).
Yup.. i guess mother fairy run a bussiness, a good one.  So girls, if you love pink and fairy tale, i am sure you going to love Liole.

What caught my eyes

Liole - 3D lifting Mask
The claim:
Peptide which has affection of elasticity of skin and natto gum helps to tighten your lossen skin. This specialized sheet which can care face and neck at the same time approaches on skin tighly and help to absorb variety of beauty ingredients deeply and quickly. Without including and cut down harmful ingredients such as paraven, artificial color and scent, it present healthy skin without irritation.

Paraben free, no artificial color and no artificial scent! I'm so in! No, I'm not going to complain about the packaging this time, they have everything in korea and english (click on the packaging so you can see it).


My face look so rough.. Tired face, dull, dark spot on my forehead, laugh line, big wide pore, and you can tell from the picture, i'm not having decent beauty sleep (Ramadhan is coming to town, and i've been working overtime.. *sight*), 

Why did i choose this mask? i pick it randomly and hey.. It's a mask for face and neck, i never try one, so why not? in bahasa; ISENG.

Here is the mask:

Weird shape, huh? and I can smell a hint of "fresh" smell.. hmmm.. the essence is quite runny. When you wear this mask, you have to lie down, because the neck part keep loose from my face, which i'm not very fond, i like to work while wearing sheet mask. I think i was going to die, because i'm bored! It was almost MEH! untill i remove it.. 

My face.. it seems like.. it's glowing.. i can't believe my eyes.. i take so many "after photo" just to make sure..

just to make sure.. LOL!

Before (Left) and after (right) - click to zoom

Seriously, i feel so pretty after using this mask, it is not just make my face brighter but it also give this beautiful glow, fresh,visibly smaller pore.. well, i know it is not permanent. But  seriously.. how many product can make you feel good with your bare face alone?!

What you might want to know:
  • Liole - 3D Lifting Mask
  • Rp. 35.000,- (Counter price)
  • 34 gr
  • Made in Korea 
  • Available locally (Indonesia)

Aside i have to lie down while wearing this mask, I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THIS PRODUCT! I didn't regret the time i randomly pick this baby, in fact i'm going to repurchase this baby! 
So i give this baby : 8.5/10

I'm so happy i found this baby! Try it! Try it! 


7 komentar:

  1. Shasha said...:

    Wow efeknya bagus ya~ di foto kulit wajahmu kelihatan lebih cerah :)

  1. Sara said...:

    Iyaaa.. ayoo.. cobain jg shasha.. ^^

  1. | miss rhea | said...:

    waahh bagus yah, packaging nya jg lcu ci :D

  1. Sara said...:

    @rhea: yup! cute packaging really a plus!

  1. it makes difference even in first try! <3
    its good that the mask is also for neck, bcs i usually neglect my neck lol

  1. Xiao Vee said...:

    wahhh bentuk maskernya unik yaa ^^ hehe
    jd pengen cobain :D

  1. Sara said...:

    @jessie: that's exactly why i bought it.. the neck part..
    @xiao vee: menebar racyn *khukhukhu*

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