i'm sorry

Dear girls and guys,

I'm so sorry about my lack of post this week.
I had this little incident involving my eyes, anyway this is not a beauty-related post, but if you are a contact lens user like i do, you might want to know about this.

My right eye; -9.00 and my left eye; -7.50
I have a very bad eyesight, enough said.

I've been using glasses since i was 8 and converted to contact lens since 16. My eyesight depend on contact lens or glasses. Of course i prefer contact lens over glasses, eventhough i always have "issues" while using it i.e accidentally poking my eyes, forget to cut my nails, etc.

One of them, happened recently..

Since 13 days ago (yeah i've been counting), my eyes ached badly everytime i'm using my contact lens, it felt like something poking my eyes out. I ignored it, I started to use glasses again, hoping the ache just gone.  I even wrote a post about olympic nail art last week, ignoring all the pain i got while taking the tutorial photos (fyi. i can't take picture while using glasses).

5 days ago.. I was prepare myself to go to work, I tried to use my contact lens again. AND GAWD! IT HURT SO BAD!! I CRIED MY EYES OUT!!!
And then..
something really came out..

Ewww.. Gross, i know..
Sorry about the bad quality picture (you didn't expect me grab my DSLR 6 A.M in the morning while cry my eyes outm, right?)

That black thingy came out from my eyes.. I just like "WHAT THE H*LL??"

It seems like some kind of thread, a very fine one. After that black thing came out from my eyes, my eyes actually felt so much better! Ow.. Great, now i have this hygene issue.
I didn't go to the doctor, somehow it never cross my mind till i make this post.

Anyway, that very morning, i went to pharmacy and buy this.

Y-rins, somekind of boorwater to be exact. 

In case you never heard of boorwater, boorwater is a liquid solution to cleanse your eyes.

How to use boorwater:
  • Cleanse your eye makeup.
  • Cleanse the eyebath (see the cute little blue bucket in the photo above, that's the eyebath).
  • Pour some boorwater into the eyebath.
  • Place the eyebath in front of your eyes. When i say "in front" that's really mean in front.

Like this
This image is illustration purpose only. DO NOT use any eye makeup and contact lens while  using boorwater

  • Then tilt your head left-right-left-right for about thirty second.
  • Waste the boorwater.
  • Close your eyes for a moment, cleanse the remain liquid.
My first impression about this boorwater was quite good, eventhough it stinging a bit, but leave my eyes clean and fresh.

Well, i'm not trying to make review about boorwater, 5 days ago was my first time using it. My point is, i know a lot of beauty blogger using contact lens, whether you have a bad eyesight like i do, or maybe simply part of your makeup look. Please, please, please! keep your eyes clean. 

Preacher aren't you Sara?
Hey, Better sharing your experience, it will become knowledge to other than keep it to yourself, right?


LOL! I have to post that picture!! everytime i'm using this boorwater, i keep thinking about pirates!

I've been using it everyday, and now my eyes have been back to their normal state. I guess i will reduce my usage, since i've been read somewhere that you shouldn't use it for daily.

So girls and guys,
Stay healthy.. 


6 komentar:

  1. omg so so so true! we only have one pair of eyes and we should take care of them..
    tapi ngeri juga sar kalo pake boorwater sering2 katanya ga bagus juga kan :(
    -9 sama -7 itu kalo ga pake kacamata udah susah liat dong x_X aku baru -2.25 aja kalo ga pake kacamata udah parah banget rasanya T_T

  1. Sara said...:

    aku pernah baca katanya kalo kebanyakan dipake bisa bikin mata kering dan sakit hati (hati organ loh bukan patah ati.. LOL!)
    setelah normal ak mau pake seminggu sekali mungkin.. make sure kalo mata ga jorok aja.. -9.00 itu kalo ga pake kacamata percis kayak gini -> (=__=) "aku dimana? kamu siapa?"

  1. Xiao Vee said...:

    ya ampun yg kluar dari mata itu apa?? O_____O *freaking out*
    waduh kok bisa parah bgt gt minusnya >,< tiap thn nambah kah?
    thx infonya yaa >.< just followed your blog :)


  1. aihh serem banget :( aku juga pernah kayak gitu gara-gara males ngebersihin eyeliner sampe tuntas pas pagi-paginya 'belek' warna hitam.... aihhh

    BlushOff [Beauty Blog]

  1. Sara said...:

    Parah gara-gara depan suka baca nih.. tiap tahun ke optik nambah mulu..>___<
    itu semacam serat kapas (?) tipis-tipis warna hitam.. kalo belek item dulu juga sering.. tapi aku cuekin.. Makanya pas ini kejadian langsung kepikiran beauty blogger lain..

  1. Lia said...:

    eeewwwwww how the jorok you are moooo :P
    itu serat item2 yg kemsren u cerita k g? sebanyak itu didalem mata u? ;_____;

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