Nail art: Wiggle eyes

Long holiday.. Got nothing to do, and nothing to plan..
Okay.. this is what happen when i got to much time on my hand.

I doodle, a random one.

Pretty cute i guess, i call him; Mr. wiggle. Is he A monster? A toe? something?

Mr. Wiggle is not related to any LMFAO song

I keep thinking about random things..
And then i realize, hey it's been a long time since i post nail art tutorial. So i make this nail art tutorial, i call it; Wiggle eyes.

The ingredients:

Left to right (above):
Skinfood Nail Vita basecoat, LUCIdarling beige brown, Skinfood Pedicure Vita-04,
Faceshop - BK901,  Skinfood Nail Vita topcoat

  Left to right (below):
scissors, toothpick, tweezer, wiggle eyes

Step by step:

  • If you don't have any dotting tools, you can make it out of a toothpick, and if you got a double-point toothpick like i do, cut one of the end, so you got a bigger diameter to make a big dot.

click to enlarge

  • Now after the preparation done, you got all you need. Use basecoat. I'm using Skinfood Nail Vita basecoat. 

  • This step is optional, i don't like my yellowish nail, so i apply one coat of LUCIdarling beige brown as my base color.  LUCIdarling beige brown is a nice shimmery nude beige brown.

  • Apply Another color, I'm using Skinfood Pedicure Vita - 04, a nice blue creme.  Only paint 60% of your nail,  If the color is opaque enough, you don't need to even it out.

  • Okay.. here is the tricky part.. The mustache! Using bigger diameter-end of your toothpick dip it to your black polish (i'm using faceshop - BK901), make big 2 big dots.

click to enlarge

  • And with the smaller-end of your toothpick make another 2 small dots on the side of your nail.

click to enlarge

  • Okay.. now, connect the dot with stippling motion using your small-end toothpick (don't forget to dip your toothpicks in a black polish).

click to enlarge

  • You done with the mustache? Add top coat!

  • While the topcoat still wet, place wiggle eyes with a tweezer. You can buy wiggle eyes at the bookstore and craft store.


my index finger is neon pink in real life, guess my camera acting weird again 

Try it out yourself! And let's do some staring contest with your nail!


6 komentar:

  1. lucuuuuuuuuuuuuuk.. >.<
    pngen nyoba,tp gbs mnjangin kuku -_-a

    nice tutorial :D

  1. Sara said...:

    @monica.. thx you.. nanti ak cariin ide buat kuku pendek deh.. haha.. banyak yg request..^^

  1. Lalaa said...:

    woaah cute banget *o* tapi pas bikin di kuku tangan kanan apa gak susah ya? aku pasti jelas gak bisa deh hehe :P

    btw, I followed you now~ please visit mine :)

    thanks xx

  1. Sara said...:

    @lalaa: bikin yang kanan pake kuku palsu.. bru tempel entar lagi.. i've already follow you for quite sometime..
    keep in touch.. <3 <3

  1. Yuki said...:

    awwe~~how cute! I might prefer them without the eyes tho! :D

  1. Sara said...:

    @yuki: thanks you.. you can always modify this tutorial to your liking..^^

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