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Weekend post!
Weekend post contain my weekend activities (except taking photos for this blog of course!) Generally.. it will be food, food, food, Spa, food, reflexiology, doodle.. more food.. Lot of foods.. I'm a big girl.. i love to eat *BIG GRIN*
(And maybe a lil' bit of FOTD)

Anyway.. this is my first weekend post! 

What caught my eyes:

Maybe i should change my sub-heading.. What caught my tounge? LOL

Last weekend i went to "Rumah kayu" Gading serpong-Tanggerang.

Long story short.. My friend recomend this place to me, so i go with him.. 

Gosh.. I love this restaurant ambience! Taman Santap (dine-in garden? it sound ridiculious in english..) spacious parking lot, mini fountain to welcome us, outdoor-indoor dine area (lesehan and private table).. one thing for sure, we always surounded by garden! 

After all the good, cozy ambiance and all.. What the worst thing that could ever happen?

My camera can't take good landscape photos at night.. yeah.. i really want to smack my head when something like this happen!

The only interior related photo that i take


Sambel cobek mangga

Sambel Cobek mangga (sour manggo chilli sauce) - Rp 3500,-
like it name, it was spicy, sour and a bit sweet.. i love chilli sauce! i ate this as my appetizer..

Gurame Saus padang (Medium)

Gurame Saus padang (Snapper with Padang sauce) - Rp. 58.000,-
It look spicy,  afterall Padang best wellknown by their spicy food. It did taste spicy, but not as much as i like though..  Still, the fish was great and fresh.

Kangkung cah belacan (sorry for the blur photo, guess i can't see well in the dark)

Kangkung cah belacan - Rp. 12.500,-
i keep thinking and thinking. Seriously, i don't know how to translate this food into english! GAH!!
Kangkung so crunchy texture, Terasi, and some prawn.. One thing for sure, it taste like my mom cook.. it was good but seriously, come on you guys (Indonesian) know how "terasi" taste like..

Sup hipiau

Sup hipiau - Rp35.000,-
I never eat sup hipiau before, i don't know what inside. the waiter said it was fish belly or something. The texture was good, cheeeeeeewwyyyyy~~ i heart this! but the carrot slice, just way too big. Now, the broth, it was good, but somehow, it remind me to knorr (?), i'm sorry if i was wrong, but seriously, it remind me to knorr.

Udang Bakar rumah kayu

Udang bakar rumah kayu (Rumah kayu grilled shrimped) - Rp. 37.500,-
I LOVE THIS! Fresh big shrimp! Sweet, spicy, it's so simple, and simply addictive! 

Two plate.. for me and my friend.. I ate a lot! burb~

There was only the two of us, gosh.. i can't believe i ate that much!

when i'm full, i'm a happy girl.. 
i'm going to review that nail polish anytime soon

What you might want to know:
  • Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara SKL 002, Sumarecon Gading Serpong - Tanggerang
  • Phone (021) 5421  2010

Eventhough the menus are mediocre, I'm still going to recommend this place for family and group, and maybe couple (just stay away from the playground), price is affordable, and their waiter is pretty helpfull.

I give this place: 7,5/10 (I do hope the food is as good as the place)

Anyway, i bought drawer from Ace hardware-Living World! The white one in the middle! it is stackable! Time to organize my nail polish!

Girls and guys, enjoy your life!


Nb. If you don't know terasi, well.. terasi is some kind of a fermented shrimp paste, it got a very unique taste, and unique smell.

terasi - wikipedia

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  1. Lia said...:

    makanan itu sungguh keterlaluan n ngapain jg ya g buka blog u di siang bolong? :|

  1. Sara said...:

    @lia: untuk menambah pahala u.... baik bgt kan gue? LOL!

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