Tony Moly - TR05 (Sad Green) swatch and review

I've promise you guys, to review creme nail polish..
Since i don't want to be labelled as glitter-maniac or something like that.. Here i am..

What Caught my eyes:

Tony Moly - TR04 (Sad Green)
awww~ stop pouting.. i love Tony Moly, and i just can't stop myself buying their stuff.
TR most likely stand for Trendy color line. Not realy sure though what trendy color supppose to mean, and this one call "Sad Green",  Somebody please teach Tony Moly how to name a product, i don't want any sad nail polish in my stash. 

Brush comparison:
Tony Moly - TR05 and OPI -Here today.. aragon tommorow..

Nice brush, dense, take a good amount of products, the same brush that come with Tony Moly - Galaxy Series - GT04 (Jupiter)

Anyway.. Luckyly, this sad green is not so sad! I used this baby in my weekend post, and i'm a happy girl in that post.

Tony Moly - TR05 - Indoor - soft flash

Tony Moly - TR05 - Outdoor - Sunlight

Tony Moly TR05 is a teal blue. Seriously, this is a teal with a lot of blue, it dries a lot bluer than what it appear on the bottle (it is not darker, it is bluer. Is bluer even a word?). You know, i was expecting teal with a lot of gray (since they name it "sad green") maybe they want to name it "feeling blue green" and they end up with "Sad green". 

In term of formula, this baby opaque in one coat! Well, it was quite thick but manageable, It dry quite fast.

What you might want to know:

  • Tony Moly - Trendy Color - TR05 (Sad Green)
  • Rp. 39.000,- (counter price, 10% member discount)
  • Made in Korea
  • Avalable Locally (Indonesia)

Tony Moly - TR05 is not a color that i normally buy, i just want to broaden my color rainbow, and i'm glad i did it.

I give this baby 8,5/10, and yes, i'm going to buy another color, actually i already buy another color. take it easy, i don't want to swatch another Tony Moly for my next post.

Since i writting blog, i sound like korean polish lover, right? Well, actually.. I've been missing my USA and other non-korean nail polish stash. I've been thinking what am i going to write, maybe USA brand? another Korea? hmm.. let's just wait and see.


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  1. | miss rhea | said...:

    cantik banget warnanya, kuku kamu bagus2 yahhhh, arghhh aku jdi pengen panjangin kuku segitu ;D

  1. Lia said...:

    wowwwww fantastis! potong kuku sara sambil bawa gunting rumput *kaburrr

  1. Sara said...:

    @rhea: kalau kukunya kuat, panjangin aja.. kan lucu ntar bisa photoshoot pake nail art..^^
    @lia: apa sih? apa sih? *garuk*

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