ZA nail polish - VI 64 swatch and review

Swatch and review time!
This time, another ZA nail polish

I told you to bear it with me.. I still got another 2 babies from ZA to swatch and review,  Don't you worry, This one is magical!

What caught my eyes

ZA - VI 64

See that magical bottle? Purple, teal (emerald?), blue, sometimes green.. I'm so glad i bought it!

I've review about ZA - GY 11.

ZA - VI 64 and ZA- GY 11 come from the same line, I can't find anything about them, not even on their website, i can't find their ingredients, so i don't know whether they are 3 free or not. But i already in love and love is blind, this baby drive me crazy! 

ZA - VI 64 - indoor - soft flash

My photos don't do justice to this baby!

ZA - VI 64 - outdoor - sunlight

You can getaway after 3 coats, i use 4-5 coats in that photo, not because it can't get opaque, but i just like the formula "feel" everytime i brush it. It's actually kind a runny, a good runny (okay, maybe i'm being subjective! LOL!), dry time kind a slow, but it worth the time!

ZA - VI 64 and OPI - Suzi skis in the pyreness

The brush is ok, not to wide, dense and give you a lot precision, it take good amount of product too. Lady with cute little nail will love this brush.

ZA - VI 64 is a nail polish sheer purple based with blue/ green and flash (shimmer). I really.. really want to call this baby; duochrome. But it just won't fit, that's why i call it "flash (shimmer)", it flashing green (in the dim light) and greenish blue (in the sunlight).

I swatch this baby over black, so you guys get the idea.

ZA - VI 64 (over black) - indoor - soft flash
ZA - VI 64 (over black) - outdoor - sunlight

That is ZA - VI 64 (2 coat) over black. Totally different look! Ohh.. How i love this baby!

What you might want to know:

  • ZA - VI 64
  • 9ml
  • Rp. 55.000 ( i got mine for Rp. 27.500,-)
  • Made in Japan asemble in Taiwan
  • Available locally (Indonesia)

I love ZA nail polish (except "super quick dry" line), I give this baby 8,2/10! Most of it because of the colour! The time i review ZA- GY 11, i gave it 7,8/10.
Purchase another colour? well, i already got 4 different shade from this line.. I don't think so..
Who am i joking? i've been eye-ing lush green from ZA.. Of course i'm gonna buy another colour!

i really try my best to describe this baby.. Anyone get it?


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  1. the colors are magical.. theyre absolutely awesome!! :)

  1. Sara said...:

    @jessie: Yup.. i never think it would be that good... lucky me.. XD

  1. Sara said...:

    Hi dear!
    I love so much you're blog, follow u :)
    My name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.

    Hope u follow back :) :)
    A lot of kisses.

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